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About this Game

Do you like matching puzzle games? Do you also happen to love bugs? Then, boy, we have a game you’ll love. Check out the Bug Match game. You’ll be swapping bugs and lining them in vertical or horizontal rows of 3 or more. It will test your strategy skills as you chase the clock.

In this brain-teasing puzzle game, you have ten levels to play, swapping bugs of different types and colors on the game board. Once you match and line up the same bugs, they will disappear from the board, creating new and potential further matches.

Once in a while, there will be power-up bugs that have larger board-clearing capabilities. You could wipe out an entire row or column with them. Plus, there are possible further matches that will be created.


Free Bug Match Online Game Features:


Simple Gameplay

The core gameplay is swapping two adjacent bugs and matching them with their same kind and color. When you line up three or more of the same bugs in a row or column, they are removed from the game board. All the bugs above the removed ones will fall into the empty available spaces; thus, creating more opportunities to match bugs of the same type or color.

If the bugs that were dropped into empty available spaces line up with two other bugs of their same kind, they will also be automatically removed from the game board. Every time there is movement in the board, new opportunities to match the bugs are made.

You score points for every match you make. There will be bonus points if you line up more than three bugs in a row or column. Also, more points are awarded for matches made in chain reactions.


Bug Match


10 Levels of Bug-Matching Fun

The game has 10 levels, which is played in sequence. For every stage you complete, another one is unlocked.

Each level offers a different challenge. It could be setting a minimum number of points to achieve or limiting the number of moves in clearing the bugs. However, on all levels, there is a time limit. Which means you need to act fast in matching as many bugs as you can within the allotted time.

When you meet the requirements of the current stage you’re playing, another level opens up. Test your strategy and skill and chase the clock.


Play Bug Match Free Online

This puzzle strategy game is an upcoming one. So it’s not yet monetized profusely. You can play Bug Match online for free. No sign-ups required, no email registration needed. What’s more, you don’t have to enroll your credit card or make in-app purchases to enjoy the game completely.


Bug Match


Good, Family Fun for Everyone

Anyone in the family can play this brain teaser of a game. It will challenge your intelligence and pit your wits. You will need to do the bug matching as fast as you can. It’s good, family fun for everyone.

Did you enjoy this game guide? You will surely love Bug Match. Play the game here online for free today!


Bug Match

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