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About this Game

The sky is the limit! Well actually, your shooting skills are in Piponga’s action shooting game. You take control of an airplane and try to fly for as long and far as you can. Weave around obstacles and take down enemies in an endless runner style online game with shooting mechanics.

Collect powerups to replenish your fuel representing health, and even weapons upgrades that will give you an advantage against enemies that come across your path.

Move carefully in this fast-paced action game and keep in mind that if you can shoot at them, they can shoot back at you. Dodge and weave across a beautifully drawn cartoon landscape scattered with cute cardboard cutout style airplanes and vehicles.


Cartoon Flight Game Features:

Classic Shooter Evolved

Unlike other plane games like Airport Mania, Cartoon Flight takes two of the most beloved arcade-style gaming and combines them into one seamless action shooting game. It’s like bullet hell but milder. Taking the pace and replayability of an endless runner then mixing it up with the action and excitement of a shooter, the developers at Piponga have truly come up with an innovative new genre.

Endless runners are one of the most basic game plays to develop since it has a consistent and continuous movement with obstacles to overcome that provide the challenge. But then add in the action and excitement of a shooter and you have a winning combo.


Cartoon Flight


Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The graphics are all but a beautifully designed artwork. Taking a cardboard cutout art styl, Piponga has really made the landscape, user interface, and objects something worth gawking at. It just feels like playing a casual flight game with cut-out illustrations.

Even at the fast-paced gameplay, there is still lots to take in and to appreciate. Everything has been carefully crafted and drawn to fit the stylistic art perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. From the main menu to the level design, and even the player interface and fonts are exquisitely rendered in the pleasant cardboard theme.


Cartoon Flight


Play It Over and Over Again

There is something about minimalism and simplicity that allows for huge amounts of replayability. Cartoon Flight is exactly that kind of plane game. Devoid of any complicated level up mechanics or equipment features, the developers have focused on what is most important. In conclusion, the overall gameplay of the game is a classic plane shooter.

Controls are smooth and very intuitive, it is easily accessible for all ages. There is little to consider in regards to powerups or equipment since they are clearly marked and self-explanatory with the icons themselves.


Cartoon Flight


Jump In, Jump Out

Best of all, Cartoon Flight allows for casual gaming fun and yet can appeal to the hardcore high score leader. There are no complicated tutorials about move sets or upgrades and whatnot! Just jump in and start aiming for that high score.

Think about health, dodging, collecting coins, and the occasional decision to start with one of two advantages. These include additional health or a coin magnet that has a clearly marked range of attraction.


Cartoon Flight

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