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Cave Escape


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About this Game

A cave in is a miner’s worst nightmare, well that is what Cave Escape is all about. You are a miner trapped at the bottom of a cave that is crumbling down. The only way out is to dodge the falling rocks and jump your way to the top.

Cave Escape put a unique twist to the classic brick game where instead of controlling oddly shaped bricks (“tetramino” for short) and trying to clear the board, you are put into the shoes of a character trying not to get hit by the falling bricks.

The only way out is by going up! Navigate the challenge of random falling bricks and work your way as high as you can. Collect diamonds on the way up to boost your score.


Cave Escape Game Features:


Simple Controls Yet Challenging Gameplay

This game was inspired by the likes of Tetris and other block puzzle games combined. It may not be something like Flappy Bird with only one control but Cave Escape only has three controls: left, right, and jump. And yet the gameplay is so challenging it keeps bringing you back for more.

The whole point is to get as high as you can through the cave by dodging falling rock bricks and then jumping on them for leverage. The problem is that you are only capable of a 1 block jump height, which can really squeeze you into a corner if you jump onto a precarious position.


Cave Escape


The Only Goal Is A High Score

Back in the glory days of the arcade, there weren’t online rankings or unlockable achievements. The only thing worth playing for was the high score, and maybe the chance to display your initials on the leaderboard for bragging rights.

AntPixel brings back that simplicity with nothing to aim for except the high score in Cave Escape. The struggle though is real. Trapped in a cave that is only six blocks wide put you in a very tight squeeze.


Cave Escape


Never Get Enough

There are games that are so simple and yet can keep you going back for hours because of that one mess up that ruined the chance at an impossible top score. Cave Escape is one of them.

Every time you play there is always a chance to do better, and the only reason you lose is that of a wrong move or misjudged timing. That is enough to keep you coming back for more, that sense of “I can do better”.


Cave Escape


A Game of Random Luck

It takes the motto of keeping it “simply stupid”, minus the “stupid” part at the least bit. Every playthrough generates different experiences and the level of difficulty cannot be simply gauged. Luck mainly shapes the game as it sees fit.

It is a good idea to pray to RNGesus before starting a game and hope that the falling bricks will be in your favor!


Cave Escape


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