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About this Game

Welcome to the most exciting html5 game for PC and Mac! Cheese Lab is a fun and entertaining free-to-play game that will test your agility and your cleverness. In this game, you play the role of a playful hungry rat that goes to visit a laboratory to search for his favorite food. What he did not realize is that despite the overwhelming number of cheese around, there are also obstructions waiting for him.  Do you think you can collect kilos of his favorite food? If you think that the game is easy and doable, it’s time to start clicking your mouse. Don’t waste another minute, keep jumping to collect as many cheeses as you can! Our little friend is hungry and there’s no stopping him. Click and play Cheese Lab and have fun!


Cheese Lab


Cheese Lab Game Features:

Who doesn’t love cheese? Cheese Lab on PC is the game that will show you just how much our mousey friends loves cheese. With its fun 2D graphics and upbeat background music, players will have the time of their lives helping the mouse collect his favorite food while avoiding obstacles along his way. Aside from that, the game has a very dynamic gameplay that will surely test anyone’s wit as they try to complete each level. To know more about the game’s features in detail, just read on below:


Can You Collect 500,000 Points?

Holy Moly. our friend is so hungry! He wants to collect 500,000 points of cheese! Whoahhh! Now that’s a lot of cheese. Depending on how high you are, the points of the cheese varies, so the higher you climb in the lab, the higher the points you get. But not all cheese will you give you points, do not be deceived by our friend’s hunger, the hologram cheese on top of what looks like a stove can look appetizing but don’t fall for the bait as you could get fried if you get near that so avoid that kind of cheese at all cost.


Cheese Lab


Plenty of Cheesy Obstacles to Avoid

As mentioned above, the hologram cheese must be avoided in the game.  Similarly, the mousetrap is another deadly item that should be avoided at all cost. There are also orange-colored floors that you must steer clear of as it disappears after a few seconds of stepping into it. If there is no yellow floor to land on, then you are done for. If you cannot avoid setting foot on that orange-colored tile, then make sure to move to a yellow one immediately.

Another thing to watch out for is the robot dog because just like you, he is hungry too.  Unfortunately, if you get near him, you’ll end up in his tummy. “Why not a rat,” you ask? Well, it seems that in this world, robo dogs crave rats more than cats do. If there are things to avoid, there are also things to collect, one is the mouth-watering slices of cheese for points and a turbo bucket.  This item will take you farther up making every cheese you get to have a higher point value.


Cheese Lab


Nice Graphics and Sounds

Graphics and sound-wise, the game is the usual cartoon theme. The appearance of the mouse is not creepy icky but instead, it looks very happy. The lab background sets up a convincingly “sciency” theme that ties along with the music.


Cheese Lab


Absolutely Free Entertainment

They say that the best things in life are free. Luckily, Cheese Lab game is one of those. Just one click to the link and you can enjoy a fun-filled entertainment without spending a single penny. Play this game for free now and you will be truly entertained. Enjoy!

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