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Cinderella’s Rush

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About this Game

Everyone knows Cinderella. She’s the beautiful girl who’s left with all the chores at home while her stepsisters go to parties and have fun. Ever since her dad remarried, the poor girl had to live with a wicked stepmother and equally cruel stepsisters. 

Apart from dealing with their unpleasant behavior, Cinderella has to do all the work. She cleans, she cooks, she does everything. But poor Cinderella also wants to have fun. She wants to be at parties but only after the chores while her stepmother and stepsisters go out to enjoy. 

Help this poor girl finish all her work, so she can attend the party and have a grand time. Perhaps she’ll meet her Prince Charming there too, who knows. Wink! 


Cinderella’s Rush Game Features:


Based on the Classic Fairy Tale 

If you’re big on Disney films, it’s almost certain you know Cinderella. She’s the pretty girl who has a dad that remarried a nasty woman with two mean-spirited daughters. Years passed, Cinderella’s dad died and she is forced to live with the three unsavory women. 

But instead of being crushed by their cruelty, the beautiful Cinderella stays true to what she wants. She’s always been into parties and having fun and probably meet her prince. She’s hopeful for the day that she gets to wear the most gorgeous gown and an exquisite pair of glass slippers. And that day has come. 

But the cruel old stepmother tortures the young lady by making her do house chores. She wants our beautiful Cinderella to stay home and finish all her tasks before she can go out. But under time constraints, she can’t do it all on her own. By the time she’ll be done with the work, the party will be over, and everyone will be going home. 

Will you help our pretty darling finish all her chores in time for her to go to the party? 


Simple Gameplay Yet Very Strategic 

Poor Cinderella. She’s stuck with the bad jobs while her stepmother and stepsisters go out to parties and have fun. But someone has to do it. Unfortunately, it’s our darling little miss who has to scrub the floors, wash the dishes, cook the food, and more. 

But pretty little Cinderella also wants to be in parties. She wants to wear the prettiest dresses, slip into the most gorgeous shoes, and dance the night away. And if she’s lucky, she’ll probably meet her Prince Charming. 

For this young girl, a break off work is heaven. Can you help her with her chores? Will you assist her in completing her tasks for the night so she can attend the party? In the Cinderella’s Rush game, help our beautiful lass in her work. Catch 400 plates so she can dress fancy and go to the ball. Who knows, she might meet her handsome prince there. 


Very Easy Game Controls 

To catch the plates, simply move Cinderella left or right. Let her be on the spot in time for each plate to drop. It’s a fun game that requires a bit of strategy. 

Do you want to help the damsel in distress? Good thing you can play the game, Cinderella’s Rush without the need to download or pay fees. Play Cinderella’s Rush by Blackmoon Dev online for free here today!  

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