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About this Game

Santa needs your help to fully prepare for Christmas! Help him collect all the gifts into his big bag of goodies that are intended for children on his nice list. Be Santa’s little helper in his home and factory where gifts need to be dropped or carried away in a machine towards Santa’s bag. Play Collect the Gift for free online now!  


Use your resourcefulness and creativity to bring each gift to Santa’s bag! Gifts are either suspended on mid-air or are stuck in a machine that needs to be winded down to reach Santa’s clutches. Obstacles such as wrenches and platforms can also avoid gifts from moving towards the bag. Help Santa collect all the gifts and make sure every child gets their Christmas surprise on time!  


Collect the Gift Game Features: 


Many Levels to Play Endlessly 

Collect the Gift offers many levels of gameplay where every player should aim to get the gift onto Santa’s bag and collect them all in time for Christmas! Each level only has one gift to collect, but there are several obstacles that can block it from falling into Santa’s bag. But it’s all up to you to collect them successfully! If you fail a level, no need to worry! You can always restart and play the level all over again.  


Collect the Gift



Collect 3 Stars in Each Level 

Aside from collecting a gift in each level, there are 3 stars that should be collected too. These are collected once the gift passes in its way, but in case you don’t get all 3 stars in a level, that’s fine. You can still level up even without collecting all 3 stars. You can also restart a level if you want to try and collect all the stars in each level for fun.  


Collect the Gift


Use Your Creativity to Pass Every Level 

On some levels, players only have to cut a rope to let the gift fall down to Santa’s bag. However, in each passing level, the level of difficulty also increases. You have to use your creativity and resourcefulness to make sure that each gift falls in the right place.   


On the higher levels, more obstacles are put in place. Platforms and wrenches can sometimes block a gift from falling down towards Santa’s bag. What you should do is to hit these using the slingshot. Just aim towards it, and remove the obstacle along the way! 


Collect the Gift



Easy to Learn and Suitable For Kids 

Collect the Gift is easy to learn and playable even for kids! They can always restart, retry, and improve their performance in each passing level. The game offers instructions, but kids can also explore their own ways to pass a level. Ropes can be cut with just one swipe, while slingshots can be dragged to aim at an obstacle that needs to be removed. On Collect the Gift, kids can be Santa’s little helper and bring joy to every child on Christmas time!  




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