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Combo Mester – Alchemy


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About this Game

Become a master chemist in Combo Mester Alchemy, a fun and educational game for all ages. Pick and mix the elements you can find at the top of the screen. Do an experiment to unlock a new element! Once you unlock the new elements, you can mix it with other elements to create a new one. Discovery requires experimentation indeed! There are 120 elements to be unlocked in Combo Mester Alchemy so do your best and experiment until you complete all the elements in the list. Iron + plus = metal, and many more!


Combo Mester - Alchemy


This is a fun way to exercise your knowledge about elements and the products of mixing. Also, if you have a child who loves Science specifically Chemistry, then let her play this fun and relaxing game. Click and play Combo Mester Alchemy on PC and unlock new elements.


Combo Mester Alchemy Online Features:

Who says a game can’t be educational? The Combo Mester Alchemy game is here to show you that you can have fun and learn at the same time. For all you Chemistry nerds out there, this game is for you. It’s also a great entry-level Chemistry game for the young players. It will have you going into mad scientist mode as you try to discover over a hundred hidden elements. Read on to know about Come Mester’s features:


Unlock 120 Elements

You will discover so much in Combo Mester online. There are 120 elements waiting to be unlocked in the game! First, you will be given 4 common elements and then it’s your job to mix them with each other and create a new element. This game is a good refresher for those Science topics we have forgotten. Discover common, rare and super rare elements from mixing previously unlocked elements with each other.


Combo Mester - Alchemy


Chemistry-Based Elements

In this game, the featured elements are not just picked randomly for the sake of it. Each element is based on its realistic properties. For example, you will get metal from iron and fire, or an ax from iron and materials from the forest. Combo Mester Alchemy is a great game if you want to learn more about how things are made. Plus, players of all ages can play this child-friendly game.  Play the game now so that you’ll unlock all the 120 elements waiting for you!


Fill the Board With As Much As Elements As You Can

If you think you can’t make another element, remember that there are so many options and combinations that you can do. There are over 100 elements to discover, you think you can’t create one? Fill the board with elements you just discovered. Pro-tip: When you feel like you are stuck, put an element on the board and then mix it with all the elements on the list. Players who did this find it super effective.


Combo Mester - Alchemy


Just Mix and Experiment for Chemically Magical Result!

In playing Combo Mester Alchemy you’ll discover so many things that you’ll even surprise yourself with the results! Once you get the river, steam, mine, rusty, river and many more that don’t seem to stop! You can unlock many more elements out of these elements. Continue experimenting and learning until you complete the 120 elements.


Easy Gameplay

We’ve already stressed out the rules of the game, and that’s to mix and mix! Combo Mester Alchemy on PC is a relaxing game where you just have to drag the elements and mix them with another element. You also get to learn!

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