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Cowboy vs Martians


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About this Game

The alien invaders are here! Saddle up and bring out your guns as you shoot and blast the life out of Martians in this fun and exciting game, Cowboy vs Martians. Created by game developer Ozdy, the Cowboy vs Martians game is one of the most popular HTML browser games that made its way to PC. With amazing gameplay and no-brainer controls, this shooting game will surely hook you for hours. You do not need to download walkthroughs and guides for this game because Cowboy vs Martians is a game that does not have a steep learning curve to play.


The game is perfect for casual players who are looking to kill time. In the HTML5 version of the game, you just need your keyboard and mouse to start playing Cowboys vs Martians for PC. Open the game and get ready for one wild adventure filled with angry Martians that are out to hunt you.


Cowboy vs Martians


Cowboy vs Martians is a popular game because of its simple mechanics and intuitive gameplay. It is not that hard to understand why this game becomes a hit to millions of players around the world. If you are still wondering what makes this game loved by many, why not take a look at Cowboy vs Martians’ various game features. Learn why it is being played by lots of players.


Click-and-Point Shooter


Cowboy vs Martians


Cowboy vs Martians employs the use of the classic click-and-point game mechanics to give its players a great gaming experience. In the game, you just need to point the mouse to the direction of the aliens and click it to fire a shot. With its easy mechanics, you might be thinking that Cowboy vs Martians is a game that will bore you to death. Well, think again. There are some levels where the aliens will fill your screen. The only way out that you have is your shooting skills. So, be ready with your fast reflex because you need it to conquer the Cowboy vs Martians game.


Hundreds of Levels Available


Cowboy vs Martians


The Cowboy vs Martians game has hundreds of levels that you can complete if you are in the mood for long hours of gaming entertainment. As mentioned, the game has various degrees of difficulties. Once you get to the higher levels, you can expect that the game becomes more difficult. That is why we mentioned that Cowboy vs Martians for PC will not bore you. The lower and easier levels will just prepare you for what is to come. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. When you get to the higher levels, your skill is your only best friend. Stuck in a really difficult level? Don’t worry because the game also offers hints that you can use to solve the challenging levels.


The Cowboy vs Martians PC game is a perfect example of a simple game that appeals to gamers of all kinds. You do not have to be a hardcore gamer to play this game, and even kids can enjoy this game. Hop on fantastic gaming experience and shoot aliens back to their own planet. If you want to play the game, just click the Play Now button and start playing the Cowboy vs Martians PC game.

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