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Crazy Switch Color


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About this Game

Test your luck and patience as you play this one of a kind skill game. Crazy Switch Color is a fun exciting game that you can enjoy anytime. This unique matching game developed by Fortafy games is nerve-wracking yet very entertaining.

Work your way towards multi-colored orbs by bouncing and tapping as your colored ball moves upward. Test your patience, and pass through these multi-colored orbs by matching with the appropriate color of your ball. Keep on tapping to prevent you from falling down and hitting on the other orbs that don’t match the color of your ball. This game needs your full focus for you to get the best score possible. Get better and beat your friends. Develop great patience and put your reflexes to the test. So what are you waiting for? Click & Play Crazy Switch Color Free Now for PC! This color switch game is unblocked and ready to go.


Crazy Switch Color


Crazy Switch Color Game Features:

Quick and Simple Gameplay

Crazy Switch Color is a very simple game and can be understood easily without any further instructions. If you’re asking how to play a color switch game, the goal is for you to get to the finish line by passing through different multi-colored orbs. Work your way and test your patience as a colored ball by matching the colors in order for you not to get eliminated.

The simplicity of the game makes it possible for it to be catered to all age groups. Moreover, the game is easily accessible online for free without having you to wait for it to be downloaded. You can easily just click & play the game right away in a blink of an eye.


Crazy Switch Color


Thrilling Game

With all the many obstacles that you have to pass through in order for you to get to the finish line, the game proves to be thrilling and nerve-wracking. It tests your patience and concentration a lot having you to observe and get better on the timing of when to tap quickly or slowly. The color switch challenges any player, both casual and hardcore.


Crazy Switch Color


Collect as many stars as you can and unlock different ball shapes in the shops. Surely, you’ll never get tired of playing this game for long hours since a new type of obstacles gets in your way to challenge you.


Crazy Switch Color


Great Sounds

Crazy Switch Color incorporated great sound effects that will get you addicted to it. The sounds are very interactive and will keep you motivated playing it again and again. Sounds are generated for every action you make from the tap of your screen, getting a star until you get eliminated when you wrongly matched the colors. Moreover, these sound effects can either help you out or hinder you from completing your goals which can benefit you or challenge you even more.


Multiple Levels!

This one of a kind mini game plays unlike any other. Crazy Switch Color has multiple levels for you to unlock. Every level that you unlock becomes more challenging than the other and none of the obstacles that you pass through gets repeated. So, every level is a new experience and a new challenge. Go and unlock as many levels as you can while beating your friends’ best scores. Beat them and show them who the real master of the game is.

This game really challenges any player. Nevertheless, the game gives you unlimited restarts so just practice, practice, practice until you get to the finish line. Goodluck!


Crazy Switch Color


What are you waiting for? Click & Play Crazy Switch Color Online Now Free on PC! For more challenging free mini games for PC like this, you can download Smash Hit or play Bubble Shooter HD online!

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