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About this Game

The fun never stops in the first installment of Cut the Rope. Now with the second installment, take the sweet candy treat to Nom! Just like the first one, use your brain to strategize. Think thoroughly on how you will collect all the stars. There are more ways than one so get creative and strategic in planning your next move. Cut the ropes wisely because once they’re cut, it’s a done deal—unless you repeat the level. Overall, you have to get your futuristic vision and wits going wild so you can get past all the levels of the game! Are you up for the challenge? If yes, then go on and play the Cut the Rope 2 now and experience twice the fun!


Cut the Rope 2 


Cut the Rope 2 Online Game Features: 



The map will guide you to your next adventure with Nom, the alien-eating candy. Get ready for mind-boggling and physics-driven levels as you progress more in the game. As you do so, you will also realize that the more you play the game, the more you will be able to take Nom to the next level!  


Cut the Rope 2


Cute Graphics 

With the cute graphics and design, it can easily be assumed that this game is a good addition to the usual mini-games. However, Cut the Rope 2 proves wrong. Yes, it is for all ages but it is definitely not your typical mini-game. The game is a sure hit for those who love brain teasers, physics, and logical thinking! This game brings out your visualization and common sense as you play and discover more of what’s in store for you! 



This is an important thing to do when answering the level. You need to visualize your answers per level before actually doing it. Get that imaginary scissors that would cut the rope and visualize how it will go. This would help you decrease the chances of repeating a level. The more you practice doing it, the more it would be easier for you to answer every level as you progress in the game. Of course, every level would be a tad bit harder than the previous one, but with visualization, you can answer the level with more ease and less hassle.


Redo Levels 

Made a wrong move and needed to repeat again? Then go ahead and click the re-do button for every wrong action you did. This will reset the level or the action you made to cater your need of restarting the game. No need to get frustrated because you can just get right back from the start. For those who badly need to start over, there’s good news for you! What’s even better is you get more coins! Re-doing the levels make you earn more coins that would, later on, help you in the game.

More Games 

Part of the Cut the Rope 2 are other games! There are games such as the one below, where you are tasked to not just bring the candy but to also pop a certain number of bubbles. The only way you’ll earn three stars is if you get the task done! So be ready and be prepared for different challenges along the way. Don’t forget to read instructions and reminders for you to win the level! 



Part of the privilege of playing the game for quite some time is the perks of having hints. You are given a certain amount of hints when you start the game. And boy, these are limited! If you use them all too quickly, you’ll have to use your coins. So be wise in using these hints. If you think it is too early for hints, then persevere to answer the level while you can. Think of other ways to make it work and to complete the task. Use them on the more challenging levels so it would be super worth it! So next time you get stuck, don’t panic because the hints got your back! 


Cut the Rope 2


Beat the Clock 

Obviously, some levels are a lot easier to complete than others. And to be honest, at some levels, it is relatively easy to get all three stars but not so much in getting the top scores. Like what we mentioned, there are more ways than one in answering the levels! Naturally, some of those ways are faster than others. Take note that not only do your scores come from how many stars you get, but also in how fast you manage to do it. So, getting those three stars does not always mean you’re on top, but you have to consider doing it faster the next time!   


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