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About this Game

Fans of Cut The Rope will surely sink in hours of solving challenging puzzles in Cut The Rope Experiment! This time around, you get to play as a scientist who’s looking to bag in the Nobel Peace Prize for doing fun (and non-lethal) experiments with Om Nom! This time around, the game is more focused on brand new ways to feed the beloved little green monster his favorite candy!

It’s considered the most challenging Cut The Rope game in the series as Experiments deal more on correct timings, proper positioning and using the right obstacles. If the game does get too hard on you, there’s always the hint button to help you out where each sequence will be shown how to properly get all the stars and feed Om Nom!


Cut the Rope Experiments PC Features:

Bringing in the game’s classic game dynamics and mixing it with a lot of new challenges, Cut the Rope Experiments will have fans enjoying the game even more. Aside from that, the game will truly test every gamer’s skills and will have them turn into pros in no time. Read to find out more awesome features of the game:


Classic Gameplay, Brand-New Challenges

It’s everything you know and loves about Cut The Rope! Cut off the rope that ties up the candy and gives it to Om Nom. Of course, that’s easier said than done. At first, you’d think that the game is pretty simple but it gets much more complicated every time you finish a level.


Cut The Rope: Experiments


In Cut The Rope Experiments, they’ve amped up the challenges to 11 as there twice more challenges than the first Cut The Rope or even its sequel, Cut The Rope 2. As the name of the game implies, there a hundred and one ways to feed Om Nom through a sequence of different puzzles and obstacles that need more than just careful planning.

This time around, skills including fast reflexes and quick thinking must now come into play if you want to beat the level with all 3 stars. Feeding Om Nom itself may be significantly easier but feeding him AND getting the 3 stars is just something that will test your wits.


A True Test of Skills

Cut The Rope has always been heralded as one of the hardest puzzle games made for Android but it’s always so rewarding whenever you solve them. Since the game has you playing as a scientist looking to get the Nobel Peace Prize, the difficulty has also certainly ramped up to high IQ tests.


Cut The Rope: Experiments

You WILL be experimenting on Science especially with physics that will reshape the face of the level every time. Ropes can now be stretched and turn into slingshots, correct cutting time should be taken into account while blowing a bag of air at the same time and having to play around with movable rope latches to be able to get almost unreachable stars in the level.
In the end, it’s Om Nom’s satisfied face as he munches on the candy is what makes every puzzle solving worth the while.


Get Good, Get Fast

The game does not wait long anymore for you to make a move; there will be levels where the stars can disappear in a few seconds if you’re not going to make haste. Not only do you need to think fast, but you also have to act fast too. But sometimes, just take your time and restart whenever you fail.


Cut The Rope: Experiments


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