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About this Game

In this game, you will meet the amiable Om Nom. You are to join him as he travels back in time in a mission to feed his ancestors with candy. This unblocked game Cut The Rope: Time Travel is nothing alike to any adventure game out there. It is packed with physics-based actions, time-traveling, and lots of candy-crunching moments!
What are you waiting for? There is no time to waste here. Check out this Cut The Rope: Time Travel wiki and find out everything about this game. And oh, you will be going to different archaic locations, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to Ancient Egypt, and a whole lot more. Who says traveling back in time is not fun? It sure is, especially when you visit and play the Industrial Age in Cut The Rope: Time Travel!


Here are our favorite features:


Outstanding Graphics


Cut The Rope: Time Travel


This is perhaps one of the best things you will have as soon as you play Cut The Rope: Time Travel. Sure, it is not the kind of game with overwhelming graphics, like the ones you normally see on triple-A titles. But hey, it sure does have a satisfactory and inviting graphics element. Plus, it does a fair job at representing the different ancient ages. It does not try too hard and it does not try to be mediocre. The graphic elements in this game, despite being cartoonish, are acceptable enough for an addicting title.


The Leveling System


Cut The Rope: Time Travel


Basically, each level in the unblocked Cut The Rope: Time Travel game represents an ancient age. These are none other than the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, the Disco Era, the Wild West, the Asian Dynasty, the Future, the Parallel Universe, and the Cut The Rope: Time Travel Industrial Age.


What is even more interesting is the fact that each level offers players new and different stuff. For instance, the character tends to wear outfits or clothes consistent to the age that he is in. Plus, each level requires different strategies and processes in order to be completed. Take for example the Parallel Universe. Unlike the aforementioned, this one requires players to go over 20 levels and needs at least 3-star completions of all previous levels in order to be unlocked. This alone right here offers players a unique experience – let alone adventure – that is unlike any title of the same genre.


The Constant Free Updates


Cut The Rope: Time Travel


Yes, that is right. The developers have really made sure that Cut The Rope: Time Travel unblocked stays on top, thanks to the consistent free updates. When they say updates, these means introductions of new levels and animations, just to name a few. This gives players the much-needed void to continue cheesing the game. To put it simply, players would never run out of reasons to never play it. Every day, there is just something new about the title that one needs to play and experience. The achievement system, on the other hand, is also improved and updated with new content. That way, it motivates players to keep playing, giving them a whole new reason to finish each age and feed the ancestors.

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