Cut The Rope


About this Game

Cut The Rope game has a very simple premise. You just have to swipe the screen with your fingers, so you can cut dangling ropes. The latter is basically responsible for holding that candy, which, when cut, falls into the mouth of the adorable Om Nom. This one right here is the cute monster that plays a huge role in the prequel to the Cut The Rope 2 and 3 online games.


Just because Cut The Rope online offers a simple and down to earth system does not mean it is easy to play. Mind you, its gameplay alone requires a good amount of precision and accuracy. Heck, it even needs players to gain the ability of quick reflexes. And with the addition of a plethora of challenges (e.g. balloons, spikes, blowers, electrical currents, etc.), they are going to need these skills more than ever. And oh, challenges tend to become a bit more progressive and difficult to surpass as the level progresses.


Here are our favorite features:


A Great Puzzle Game


Cut The Rope


When we say a great puzzle game, we literally mean it. That is because this prequel to the Cut The Rope 2 game is unlike any puzzle titles out there. You definitely have to put on your thinking cap. Otherwise, you will have a hard time figuring out which ropes to cut and in what specific order. Mind you, things can become a little more challenging as you progress. Basically, you are going to encounter a lot of movable stuff, from pegs to bubbles to spikes to electricity. All of these are designed to give you a hard time. So apart from testing your brain skills, you also need to wear the reflex armor. And you will never run out of things to do here, especially with the additions of brand new levels.


Outstanding Graphics


Cut The Rope


This is perhaps one of the best things you will have as soon as you play Cut The Rope: Time Travel. Sure, it is not the kind of game with overwhelming graphics, like the ones you normally see o a triple-A title. But hey, it sure does have a satisfactory and inviting graphics element. Plus, it does a fair job at representing the different ancient ages. It does not try too hard and it does not try to be mediocre. The graphic elements in this game, despite being cartoonish, are acceptable enough for an addicting title.


Challenging But Highly Entertaining


Cut The Rope


You have definitely played a game or two that challenges you to try new things or implement various strategies. While they can take much of your time and prevent boredom from happening, they also tend to give you an annoying experience. But, the Cut The Rope 1, 2, and 3 game does it better – way, way better. That is because the challenges it gives are also highly entertaining. You will not even feel a single ounce of cringe-worthy moments here. Well, perhaps this is partly due to the addition of the adorable monster Om Nom. Jokes aside, play Cut The Rope online game and you will be painting smiles every now and then.

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