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About this Game

Go up against the monstrous creatures of myth and legend in Dark Lands, an endless running action game with role-playing game elements. Defeat the creatures of the darkness with a sword in hand as you run through lands of shadow. Gather crystals through the course that you can use to upgrade skills and purchase equipment. Get your health up, damage, or agility and increase your chances in the dangerous Dark Lands.

Spend crystals on equipment pieces that give you an extra boost in some skills on top of the extra health. Get extra damage, speed, and other advantages. Even weapons also have some additional bonuses on top of the extra damage. So you will have to make sure you spend your crystals well.


Dark Lands Game Features:

Defeat Creatures of Shadow

Dark Lands takes the running game to a whole new level with fantastical obstacles and creatures of myth and legend. Choose to leap past them or put your weapon to good use and slaying them where they stand.

There are undead creatures, goblins with spears, and even larger monsters like ogres or even giant scorpions. Stages are capped off with random boss fights that include mischievous goblins on a chariot that lob bombs at you, a beholder that you need to chop off its individual tentacles, or the aforementioned giant scorpion.

Dark Lands


Beautiful Artistic Graphics

The graphics take the title to heart, Dark Lands has a grim color palette that has beautifully drawn creatures and other objects. even though you are looking at shadows, it does not feel like you are missing out on anything.

The simplistic design is both aesthetically and ergonomically efficient. Obstacles and enemies are intuitively designed and highlights give enough of a warning to dodge or fight.

Dark Lands


A Game Of Reflex

There is little time to think and consider your options when things are coming at you while you are sprinting across the Dark Lands. But for the most part, there are no wrong answers. You can choose to leap over enemies or take the time to fight them, either way, it is completely up to you.

Simple and intuitive controls also add up to an easy to get into the gameplay. Of course, like any great other time-consuming great game, Dark Lands is difficult to master.

Dark Lands


Failure Is Always An Option

Like any other endless runner, the point is that you will eventually die. It is just a matter of messing up. But it is not really a big deal since you do not lose anything and still get to keep all the gathered crystals and experience you earned through the stage.

Use the crystals to upgrade your skills and get better health, damage, or agility. You can also purchase equipment to give you a little extra help that can go a long way. But keep in mind that some equipment has a level requirement. So do not worry about dying, it is just part of the growth in the Dark Lands.


Dark Lands


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