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About this Game

Reminiscent of retro games from the 90s, Deadly Race Droid is a fast-paced action game where players take on the role of a robot alien who has to dodge obstacles, collect items, and defeat enemies before reaching the finish line. Controls are easy to learn. Just tap the up and down arrows to change directions, press Z to speed your character up, and press X to use a special, devastating power against enemies.  


Deadly Race Droid has three different modes to unlock. The first one is the Ace-Alien mode where players have to avoid roadblocks, alien machine guns, lasers, monsters, and spiky machines before reaching the finish line. Avoid traps, use your special powers, and speed up on the track to get to the next level quickly with minimal damage as much as possible!  


Deadly Race Droid Game Features: 


Nostalgic Retro Game Graphics 

Deadly Race Droid is designed with a retro 90s game aesthetic, making you feel nostalgic about your favorite games while growing up. You take on the role of a robot android alien who will embark on a dangerous adventure in a post-apocalyptic land! Dodge walls, stones, spikey machines, guns, and enemy aliens on the track, and go straight to the finish line without using up all your life! Players only get 3 lives for each round.  


The game is easy to learn. Your character will automatically run on the track. Just navigate using the up and down arrows so he can dodge obstacles on the track, press Z to increase speed and run towards the finish line, and then press X if you want to unleash a special power that can defeat big obstacles, machines, and enemies!   


Deadly Race Droid


3 Different Characters to Unlock 

At the start of the game, you can only use Ace-Alien as your character, but as you progress, there are 2 other robot alien characters to choose from. Keep playing and level up to unlock these characters!  


Deadly Race Droid



Action-Packed Missions 

Each round is filled with action and adventure on Deadly Race Droid! Lasers, guns, and enemies are spread along the track, not to mention obstacles such as stones and deadly machines that can cut through you if you can’t dodge.   


Watch out for collectible items on the track. These are usually types of weapons that you can use whenever you power up by pressing X. It will take some time before your power bar gets filled after one use, so make sure you use it wisely and don’t waste it on obstacles that you can easily avoid. Use your special power on more complicated enemies such as aliens and big weapon machines.  


Deadly Race Droid



Upgrade Ammo and Increase Lives  

You can implement upgrades for ammo, lives, power, and dash (running speed). You are only given around 10 points to distribute among these features. So if you want to increase your life into 5, you only have 5 more points to distribute in upgrading your ammo, power, and speed. You can adjust these at any time before starting a round. 


Deadly Race Droid


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