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Doggy Dive

Anthony Alan Garcia

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About this Game

Doggy Dive is a hot diggity doggone vertical distance game that you can play on your PC that lets you control a cute canine who decided to be an underwater explorer and discover the astounding beauty of the underwater world. Your goal is to help the our doggo hero navigate the sub-aquatic world collecting valuable coins and other items. This free-to-play distance game will check your observation and skills as it will require you to collect and avoid certain creatures. Are you curious to know how a doggy doggo doggorino pupper can survive through the underwater? Play the game and find out! Help our little doggo friend swim as deep as he can as he fulfills his dream of reaching the bottom of the ocean and discover what lies beneath the depths.


Doggy Dive


Doggy Dive Game Features:

The Doggy Dive game on PC takes you in deep into the ocean and lets you immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world through its beautifully rendered graphics and background music. Aside from that, the game has also a user-friendly system that lets any players whether newbie or expert learn the mechanics easily. To know more about this game, read on below:


Doggone Cartoony Visuals and Quirky Sound Design

Doggy Dive is one of those free online games that stands out because of its pure 2D graphics. Upon opening the game, you will immediately notice the vibrant appearance and very detailed animations. Our pupper protagonist sure looks drawn well just like the creatures within the game. The music is very entertaining too, reminiscent of classic underwater levels in platform games.


Doggy Dive


User-Friendly Control System

Simply enough, controls are very easy for any player albeit casual or hardcore. Using your mouse, your keyboard or the touchpad of your laptop, you can move your character easily thru the left and right arrow keys. Hover your mouse to navigate or click on your left mouse button or touchpad to interact. Controls are very easy and user-friendly, just move the doggo to the direction where the gold coins and bubbles are, and you will win this game without any hassle.


Doggy Dive


Instructions to Play

Upon opening the game, you will regularly see the instructions on how to play the game before you start. This is a good feature because it reminds you what to do and what not to do. Your main goal is to collect as many gold coins as possible. Collect bubbles so you can breathe underwater a la Sonic The Hedgehog. Mind you, you’re a land dog not a sea dog. Most importantly, get bubbles before your oxygen indicator goes down and avoid dangerous creatures such as starfish, blowfish, jellyfish, and sharks.  These creatures will make your diving life short as you will lose a life every time you hit them.


Doggy Dive


Endless Challenges and Completely Free Game

The game is limitless, meaning you can dive anytime you like and swim as deep as you can. There are no in-app purchases needed, no need to upgrade anything. Just keep swimming and collecting as many gold coins as you can. The game doesn’t require download too, just click on the link and play.  Easy and free entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

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