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Are you into puzzle games If so, then you have come to the right place. What if we have a game that is not only one of the coolest but also the cutest? There is no doubt that you are going to love this. It is none other than Porubuv’s brainchild called Drop Me. It is the kind of colorful puzzle game that both kids and adults can enjoy. Drop Me is a free-to-play online game that everyone will enjoy.


Drop Me unblocked game online has a simple gameplay. You have to make sure that you drop the bubble with a kid in it in the tunnel. But as you progress, the puzzle starts to become a labyrinth. It becomes harder to decide which one you should drop first. Well, so much talk, why not play Drop Me for free and test your thinking cap!


Here are our favorite features:


Colorful Graphics and Fun Sounds


Drop Me


There is a reason why Drop Me game is for kids – and also adults. First and foremost, it comes with very colorful graphics, all of which are candy to the human eye. It is not hard to look at and, in fact, piques your interest to keep playing. The studio definitely did a good job implement a color combination that soothes the eye, especially since it is a puzzle game. A lot of titles in this genre fail to make the premise comforting simply because the graphic elements fail to do so. As for the sounds, they are a perfect selection. The soundtracks are fun to listen to and they are not difficult to the ear. They make the entire experience a comforting experience.


Addicting Puzzle Pieces


Drop Me


Yes, that is right. The Drop Me game is basically a puzzle-oriented game. The premise is that there is a baby in a bubble and you have to make sure it “drops” in the tunnel. But as you progress, there are other babies included. Now, the catch is that you only have one shot or one single click to maintain. You need to find the right bubble to tap and hope that it affects the other bubbles in a domino effect. And this is exactly what makes this simple-looking cutesy of a game difficult. You need your brain to work and figure out the labyrinth. Otherwise, you fail and you start all over again.


Lovable Characters and Challenges


Drop Me


Just because it is a puzzle game does not mean you will not fall in love with the many challenges. In fact, you will be surprised that the latter is the greatest thing about the Drop Me fun online unblocked game. You will grow to love the many obstacles and/or challenges, no matter how hard or excruciating they are. And as you progress, you will realize how fun completing each level actually is. Plus, you will admire the cuteness of the characters, especially if you are a huge baby lover. It is time to play Drop Me game, test your thinking cap, and enjoy it together with your friends. Find out who can reach the highest level. Good luck and have fun!

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