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About this Game

Looking for free online games for PC where you don’t have to download or install anything? Check out the game Duelers. It is a free-to-play online game that you can play on your PC anytime. In the Duelers online game, you will take on the role of a brave young man on a quest to save the princess from the evil creature who wants to conquer the world. In this free online game, you can upgrade your weapons and improve your combat skills, so you can defeat the evil enemy easily. Adventure seekers and gamers alike will really enjoy playing this immense online game. Come on, don’t wait another minute, play the game now and prepare to get addicted.  Click and play the Duelers game online for PC and have fun saving the princess!




Duelers Game Features:

A hack and slash in the form of a mini-game is hard to come by. That’s Duelers’ goal and it’s such a refreshing game since it’s not your usual endless runner or casual game. As you start your journey as the hero of the story, you will have the chance to upgrade all of your weapons in order to defeat stronger enemies along the way. Aside from that, the game controls are intuitive that even beginners and non-gamers will grasp quickly. Read on to find out more of the game’s amazing features:


Weapon Upgrade to Make your Duel Interesting

At the start of Duelers game, you only have a small sword to defend yourself. But as you slay more enemies and collect more coins, you can upgrade your weapons to make fighting easier. Other more powerful weapons will also be available as you progress further in the game. Upgrade your armor, boots, and bags which are all up for grabs. You can also use potions to improve your combat skills.




Defeat all those Boxes!

Those green boxes are not just deceptively adorable creatures; they are actual enemies that you need to defeat before facing the big boss! They also generate gold coins once you kill them, so might as well make use of their cuteness. The same thing with the flying bats – they are enemies that generate coins so slay all of them. Slaying these tiny monsters are not only for the gold coins but also for practicing your sword skills. Avoid hitting obstacles like rocks and coconuts as that results in a game over.


Make Use of the Dice

The dice above your head will determine the damage your sword will cause to the opponent. The higher the number you get after clicking the mouse, the higher your score is. Be careful when clicking the dice though. You don’t want to get zero. do you?




Easy Controls

Using only your mouse cursor or your touchpad, you can control your character easily in the Duelers game. If you want to use a potion or additional life, just click the icon. Blue for the potion and red for additional life. In addition to the easy controls, there is also a map above the screen wherein you can easily see how close you are to saving the lovely Princess. Take note that you have to finish four environments to get to the end.




Good Graphics and Sounds

In as far as graphics and animation are concerned, we can say that the Duelers is good in a classic 90’s Final Fantasy sense – something that RPG players have different opinions about. But hey, it’s a free game so the graphics is good enough! Additionally, if you are going to turn on your speaker, the background music will make your gaming more fascinating due to its epic-scale theme. Enjoy swaying swords against your enemies and save the Princess at once!

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