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About this Game

BlackMoonDev has created another mini-game that will bring us back to our childhood. Evil Wyrm is a free-to-play game for PC and Mac that relives the legendary British and Norse mythology character. In the famous childhood folklore, Wyrm has been described as a type of dragon with a poisonous breath in which the same thing goes with the game. Similarly, you must collect precious gems under the watchful hungry fire-breathing serpent. Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Do you think you can outsmart the scary dragon that eats fire for lunch? Play the game Evil Wyrm now and find out if you can save the world from the enormous creature without turning yourself into ashes.


Evil Wyrm

Evil Wyrm Game Features:

In Evil Wyrm, we are in a game that takes a page from a rich folklore! In summary, this game weaves a story like a book gameplay coupled with wonderful graphics that will have anyone glued to their screens. Aside from that, it has user-friendly controls that allow beginners and non-gamers to fully immerse themselves in the games rich dynamics. Read on to find out more wonderful features:


Very Interesting Back Story

Upon starting the game, you will witness a backstory as if you are reading a fairy tale. In it, the story goes that the Evil Wyrm has awakened to destroy the world.  As you click on to continue with the story, it is said that a hero could stop the beast from his evil plan, using the staff of Odin. As the heroine in the game, your goal is to collect precious gems without being caught. Throughout the story, the Wyrm will keep a watchful eye.  For instance, you can tell that with the way he moves his head from left to right endlessly.  If you are not very careful, the dragon might catch you with his flashing eyes and burn you down to ashes.


Fairytale-like Graphics and Music

Evil Wyrm is more than just a mini-game, it is more like opening a children’s book with beautiful graphics and colorful moving pictures. The game features a beautiful color combination of different shades of blue and purple. The sounds are very interesting too. It is like a background music to a children’s movie with a touch of traditional instruments, feeling very Old Norse. It adds excitement to the game and makes playing more interesting.


Evil Wyrm


Can You Finish All the Levels?

All in all, there are more than 20 levels in the game that you have to complete. In each level, there is a number of gems that you need to collect. You really don’t need any Evil Wyrm tips except for having fast reflexes. When you successfully finish the level, you can move forward to the next. As you progress to the next level, the gems become harder and harder to collect.  As a result, if you are not quick, the dragon’s gaze might catch up on you and you will be cooked.


Evil Wyrm


Child-Friendly Control

InEvil Wyrm you can control your character using the right arrow to move and up and right arrow to jump on the keyboard.  The game is not that complicated.  However, you have to keep an eye on the dragon so that you will surely finish each level.


Evil Wyrm


Enjoy Playing on Full Screen

This game is not the same as other games where only a fraction of the screen is available for playing.  In fact, you’ll enjoy playing Evil Wyrm since you can play on full screen upon opening.  As a result, if you want to make it even bigger just press F11 on the keyboard.  Similarly, you’ll do the same thing if you want to exit from full screen. Play Evil Wyrm online and defeat the ugly dragon and feel like a child once more.

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