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Have some fun with one of the most colorful mini-games on!Your fellow divers are in a rut! They can’t get out because of a massive blockage of corals and seaweeds blocking the way. They need someone to help them get to the surface before they run out of oxygen and drown!


This is both a math game and a strategy game where you need to be more precise on which blocks you have to take out so you can move your divers out to safety. If you rush and keep on removing them all at once, you might end up drowning your diver under the deep blue sea and failing your mission. Wait no more and play Fancy Diver online via!


Fancy Diver


Fancy Diver Online Math Game Features:


Fancy Diver Cool and Colorful 2D Graphics

Cool and entertaining graphics are definitely a key to a fun gaming experience! This puzzle mini-game will definitely impress you with its 2D animation. It features a superb and smooth screen display as well as vivid colors that will surely entertain your kids to the full extent of the game. If you fancy Puzzle Mini-Games set in water, you might just love Aquablitz on PC too!


Fancy Diver


Cool Math Game for Kids

This game is evidently made for kids with its educational content, combined with fun and exciting features. This math game is definitely kid-friendly since it has simple game controls and a very easy gameplay.


To play the game, you only need to click on at least three colored blocks that sit right beside each other. By simply clicking, you are eliminating the blocks, thus this will give way for your Fancy Divers to go up closer to the surface.


Remember that you also have a time limit! The oxygen tank on the top right corner of the game screen serves as your timer. Once it runs out and you haven’t gotten your diver out to the surface, your deep sea diver is going to drown.


Fancy Diver


Over 50+ Levels to Complete

What better way to enjoy a mini-game than to level up? But wait! This also means that you will encounter more challenges as you progress in the game. No need to worry though. Every time you level up in the game, you will be more skilled to take on the challenges as well. With over 50 levels to accomplish, you will surely get hooked on Fancy Diver Mini-Game on PC!


Fancy Diver


Specialty Blocks for Exciting Gameplay

Fancy Diver


Breaking the blocks is not the only way to help your diver out. When you pop more than five blocks, you get a bomb that will destroy the blocks closest to it. When you pop 8 blocks and more, you get the help of a giant swordfish that will slice out an entire row of blocks. Experience an exciting gameplay and download Fancy Diver on PC now!

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