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Fantasy Star Pinball


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About this Game

Fantasy Star Pinball is a free classic game with a modern twist! Get your fix of the classic arcade game and relive your childhood memories. In the game, you get to play the good old pinball, but you are in for more exciting surprises. Hit the table and get complete entertainment from the number of varying backgrounds ranging from anime-like characters to cute animals. Play Fantasy Star Pinball without downloading anything on your PC with our mini-games. Learn through the walkthroughs and enjoy Fantasy Star Pinball anytime, anywhere.


Fantasy Star Pinball


The game is great for players who want to pass the time or for players who are just looking for a change when it comes to the games they play. With the number of challenges that you can have in Fantasy Star Pinball, you are in for one great gaming experience. Play Fantasy Star Pinball in your PC now!


Fantasy Star Pinball


Like other arcade games, Fantasy Star Pinball is a treat for all kinds of gamers out there. The game takes on the classic game of pinball and combines it with the fast-paced action and flashy, stunning interface that players of today love. Why not learn the features of Fantasy Star Pinball and see what is in store for you?


Stunning Graphics


Fantasy Star Pinball is a stunning game in its own. The game’s design will make even the most meticulous gamers out there to take time and appreciate the beauty of Fantasy Star Pinball. Who would’ve thought that you the classic pinball will work well when paired with the elements of modern gaming? With its vibrant backgrounds and fluid gameplay, it is not hard to understand why the game is so addicting. The board also changes background once you hit certain parts of the board with your pinball. So, do not be surprised that when you see the background light up or darken. It simply means that your ball touched something in the game.


Fantasy Star Pinball


Simple Controls


What makes the game of pinball a classic game is because of its simple controls that everyone can get accustomed with. Fantasy Star Pinball continues this tradition with its intuitive approach to the control scheme in the game.


The game employs the use of the directional keys on your keyboard. You can press the Down key to set the power when you release the ball to the board, and the Up key to release the ball. Pressing the Left key will let you control the left flipper while pressing the Right key will control the right flipper. You also need to take note that there is an additional left flipper at the upper portion of the board. These will help you reach the rail and get the hearts more easily. Collecting the 3 hearts will cause the game to be in a frenzy where you can get additional points and bonuses.


Fantasy Star Pinball


Fantasy Star Pinball can give you your fix of the classic arcade fun with its intuitive controls and engaging gameplay. This is truly a classic game reimagined for the modern players. What are you waiting for? Play free Fantasy Star Pinball and start rolling your way to endless hours of enjoyment.

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