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About this Game

Ready to get your brain truly and completely scrambled? If your answer is yes, then you are going to love FitzColor, an extremely high-paced game without any download or installation necessary. Just click and play for some color-based madness.

The game is very straightforward, just start by selecting the indicated color and you are off! The challenge is getting as far as you can in the levels for as long as you can. Even though the colors are pretty basic, you are going to need to move very fast to get them all.

Even with the pressure of a timer, trying to go as fast as you can is already going to make your brain go haywire.


FitzColor Game Features:

No Double-Takes

If you believe that you are fast, then think again. FitzColor will put you to the ultimate speed test. This arcade game of speed and quick thinking by IndieDevs really pushes your brain power to the limit. FitzColor is a browser game converted into a more convenient port on the PC. Try the game out yourself right now!

A single moments hesitation will quickly end your game, and you will get those moments many many times, no matter how many times you do over. There will come a point where your brain feels like you hit a processing limit.


Fitz Color


I Am Speed

In the fable of the tortoise and the hare, we were all taught that slow and steady wins the race. Good luck with that on FitzColor. This is a game that is completely all about your ability to think faster than you can move. It is all about the hare in this arcade puzzle game.

Color names are flashed before you and before you can even consider, you have to pick the appropriate colored button before the timer runs out. And that time is on a very tiny fuse. Scientifically speaking the neurons in your brain beam information faster than the speed of light, are you ready to put that theory to the test?


Fitz Color


Flash Cards On Steroids

People of all ages will get a bang out of FitzColor, but do not try to use it to teach an infant the colors otherwise you will get either a very bored child or one that is raging like the hulk in frustration.

Even a full grown adult who should know all the colors will have those green hulk moments when your brain suddenly just freezes. And yet, in the same way, Banner relies on the Hulk you will keep coming back for just another shot at that high score. Looking for any FitzColor hack? Sorry, but you’ll have to get good at the game. It truly is a test of swiftness.


Fitz Color


Top Dog Of Colors

Admittedly there is a sense of accomplishment when you have gone really far. Because it is much harder than you may think. The question is, can anyone do better?

Without anything to download or install, send the game to your friends or family and challenge them to beat your high score.


Fitz Color


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