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FlapCat Christmas


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About this Game

You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout I’m telling you why. Santa Cat is coming to town! Oh wait, wrong lyrics. But anyway! If you can’t get enough of the Christmas season all year round, then the FlapCat Christmas game is your golden ticket to holiday bliss.

FlapCat Christmas is not your usual Flappy Bird-inspired game since it is much bigger than that. Tap your way through the icy snow and make sure that gifts get delivered to their respective homes on time with the help of your two reindeers and your red sleigh. Make sure that you don’t hit any obstacles or else you’re screwed. Once you get hit, the game is over and Christmas won’t be complete without the gifts getting delivered to nice kids!

What are you waiting for, get those gifts delivered on time now so all kids will have smiles on their faces! FlapCat is a free to play game for PC that doesn’t require any download.


FlapCat Christmas


FlapCat Christmas Game Features:

You can never go wrong with cats and Christmas. So why not put them together in one awesome mini-game right? Taking Flappy Bird’s worldwide hit gameplay, FlapCat Christmas has positioned itself to be a game that everyone will be playing this yuletide season. Check out below to learn more about the game’s fun features:


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


FlapCat Christmas


In this game, it’s Christmas all year round! FlapCat Christmas online game will surely be a hit because of its Christmas theme. The game caters to anyone that can’t get enough of the merry season. And look, you’re playing as Santa Cat that looks like a lowkey Minion. There’s no arguing that.


Jolly Sounds and Graphics

FlapCat Christmas sights and sounds match perfectly with the theme. Expect all the bright-colored reds, greens and whites within the game. As for the music, what can we say? ‘Tis always the season to be jolly and the music works that way! Surely, anyone who is looking forward to Christmas to come will have a hard time resisting this game.


Easy to Play

You can easily play FlapCat Christmas without worrying about complex controls. The game is pretty much straightforward. All you have to do is tap; and as you tap, you move upwards then you readily glide downwards when you don’t. Make sure that you are able to dodge all the obstacles in the area. Guide your reindeer well so they don’t blindingly hit any pillar. Once you hit a single obstacle, the game’s over and you have to start all over again. Don’t worry if you don’t get high scores at the start. After all, this game was inspired by the infamous Flappy Bird.


A Game That Can Be So Challenging, You’d Think Krampus Made It


FlapCat Christmas


It’s a Flappy Bird-inspired game so don’t expect it to be easy from beginning to end. Moreover, it becomes even harder due to the fact that you have to be aware of your two reindeers, yourself, and your sleigh not to hit any obstacles. You have to accurately know when you’re supposed to tap or when not to. We’d give you a tip when to tap but a game like this doesn’t need any strategy. All it requires is your reaction time.

Introduce this one of a kind Christmas game to your friends now and challenge each other who gets the best score in the group. Play FlapCat Christmas now free for PC!  Check out our for more games! There’s surely a game for everybody!

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