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About this Game

Get ready for tough love! If you’re looking for that Flappy Bird fix since it’s gone from existence, then Flappy Eros will sate that desire. Flappy Eros is an online game for PC similar to the famous game Flappy Bird. Your goal is to guide St. Valentine between an endless series of pillars in an attempt to get to the end while collecting hearts and different equipment. The cupid has a mission: to get to the God of Love. It’s your goal to help him flap his wings until he reaches the end of his journey…if he does reach the end of the journey, that is.  Every time you surpass a pillar you earn points. It may sound simple but this game will test your patience as it can get frustrating at times. With every click on your mouse, the cute cupid shoots upward then goes down easily and you will die a thousand times before you can even cross the third pillar.


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Flappy Eros Game Features:

An endless tapping game can be both fun and frustrating at times, both of which you’ll experience in Flappy Eros. Aside from that, the game highlights its light and fun graphics that you will surely keep you glued to your screen. Read on to find out more about the game’s features down below:


An Exciting and Exasperating Game from the Gods

The Flappy Eros game will keep your adrenaline rushing as one wrong click on your mouse could mean the end of you. If you enjoyed playing Flappy Bird before, this game offers more than just getting a high score, you can collect hearts that you can use to power up. If your patience is not that long, then this game might frustrate you in the end.


Heavenly Graphics

You play as a cute little cupid floating through the air collecting hearts. Graphics-wise, the game truly delivers. The cupid resembles the angel we use to see in cartoons, the background is the sky and the clouds move as you fly. The pillars in the game have a unique mix of realistic and cartoony at the same time. There are stars above that twinkles and heart power-ups that look very appealing. There’s nothing truly grand here but at least the game’s visual design proves to be eye candy.


Flappy Eros


22 Golden Hearts to Collect

Aside from collecting heart power-ups, there are also golden hearts that you need to fill in the achievements wall. Click on the trophy icon on the left part of the screen and you’ll see all the hearts and its corresponding pending goals. Once you have accomplished the task, the heart will change its color from silver to gold.


Flappy Eros


Collect Different Equipment as You Roam Through Heaven

It is important to collect all the red hearts you see along the way because you will use those hearts to buy power-ups to make your journey easier. There are five things that you can collect, each item has their corresponding purpose. For 150 hearts, you can purchase a Nimbus that will protect your top should you hit one of the pillars, for 200 hearts your side will be protected by the Shield. If you buy Boots, it will only cost you 100 hearts to be protected at the bottom. Buying the Magnet for 300 hearts to attract hearts like fangirls seeing Ryan Gosling walking out of a coffee shop. Buy the Bow for 500 hearts to increase the holes. Spend your hearts wisely and you can win the game easily. Otherwise, it’s going to be tough love.

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