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About this Game

Still can’t get over with hard distance games like Flappy Bird? Well, another addicting game is here waiting to be played. Enjoy Flappy Bird once more, but a funnier and more exciting one. Choose from one of the three iconic characters of the game and take flight. Dodge all the columns while trying to not fall off the ground and gain the highest of the high score. Fly through the levels, don’t hit anything, and get the highest point you can possibly get.

Play Flappy Wow free and experience the new kind of arcade game that will get you glued for many hours. Play as far as you can get and earn the medals! Click and play Flappy Wow online to test the game for yourself.


Flappy Wow PC Features:

If you enjoyed Flappy Bird back when it first launched, you’ll definitely have more fun with Flappy Wow. The game has three adorable characters to choose from, more medals to snag, and a user-friendly game controls to help you navigate your way through the game. Want to know more? Read on below to find out more about the game’s features:


Three Iconic Characters to Choose From

You’re not just going to play as one character (the classic bird) but 3 playable and iconic characters! Choose from Flappy Bird, Doge or Nyan Cat. Experience the game with each of the characters without changing your high score. Flappy Wow online is made easier with these additional iconic characters you can play.


Flappy Wow


Flappy Medals to Win

Play as long as you like until you get those well-deserved medals. Your long hours of playing will be paid off as long as you keep on playing. Win the bronze, silver and even the gold medal! The only competition is yourself. So, continuously beat your high score and earn medals along the way.


Flappy Wow


Work with Gravity

Here are some good Flappy Wow tips; your fate heavily relies on gravity. You either stay flying or let your character fall off sometimes (but not too close to the ground). The struggle is how to avoid the columns without hitting them. But as we have all experienced, just one more click of the mouse and that ends the game. So, learn strategies on how to efficiently avoid the columns by studying how the gravity works in this game. This is in relation to finding a pattern or rhythm. Don’t be lured with the idea of finding a pattern because the columns are random. Switch up and just be calm when you play Flappy Wow game.


Easy Game Controls

In Flappy Wow online, the only thing you need to do is click and click. The game control is easy, but don’t be fooled by it. It’s tricky when you actually play the game and avoid the columns without dying. Each click should be planned because a miscalculation will lead to game over. But there’s no time limit and life count so you can play again and again until you master it. It takes patience and dedication to get those gold medals. Do you have it? Are you up for the challenge?


Flappy Wow


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