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About this Game

Are you ready to become the next football superstar? Then don’t wait up and play one of the coolest football games out there, Football Tricks game unblocked! Choose the team you want to play with, go against other international teams and win the matches to proceed to the championship. Take control of the field and shoot for goals. Obstacles on the field won’t stop a star player like you, so do your best on your tricks and aim for a goal.

Beat all your opponents and take home all the trophies! Show the world your football tricks and skills. Click and play Football Tricks unblocked and become the star player of your team.


Football Tricks Game PC Features:

Have you ever thought of what it feels like going up against the football powerhouses from around the world? You now have that chance with Football Tricks! Form your own team and have them duke it out with the best in the sport. Aside from that, Football Tricks also has controls that are easy to use so you can focus on your skills more and win more games. Unlike American football tricks, nothing beats the original soccer sport. Check out some of the other features of the game:


Choose a Team and Play Against International Teams

Become part of an international team competing in the world championship and join them as you move from small tournaments to bigger ones. Compete with other international teams and show them the football tricks you got.


Football Tricks


Easy Game Controls

You are going to take control of the team’s game on the field, so you better adapt to the control settings and win all the matches. All you have to do is use the pointer, drag it around with your mouse to calculate where the ball would go. This will help you hit the goal. That’s it, drag and click and you’re good to go. For a more complicated match, you need to make a strategy so you won’t waste the limited number of balls you have.


Football Tricks


Use Your Skills to Overcome Obstacles in the Field

Players? Goalkeepers? Nah, in Football Tricks game PC, you would not only encounter goalkeepers but obstacles too! You think you can shoot the ball to your goal with a huge block on the way? Challenge yourself and play the game now.


Get 3 Stars

When you aim for a goal, aim for 3 stars too! In every match, you’ll be given a limited number of balls. Try to goal using one ball and you’ll get 3 stars. More stars, more points for you. Carry your team to the championship match with the dope skills you have.


Football Tricks


Strategize Your Tricks Wisely

Obstacles can be tricky. Huge blocks won’t be easily damaged if you just kick it with a ball. So, be wise with your moves and use the balls wisely. If you see an obstacle like in the picture below, go for the foundation! Once you damage the lower part using 4 balls, you can use the remaining ball to shoot for the goal. Smart, right?


Football Tricks


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