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About this Game

Froggee is a game of adventure where one frog leaps from one land to another by tapping them. Once they reach a new land, it means there is a chance for Froggee to start anew in the land and to collect stars. As you leap through the rotating globes, make sure you avoid the crocodiles on your way. There are two things that would keep you from reaching far. Either you fall right off because you jumped at the wrong time or, you jumped off right at the crocodile and did not avoid it.

It could take in any of that form but that would be the main reason behind! If you are lucky enough to get far, then you will experience catching flies and collecting them. There are more to this game than what meets the eye so try playing Froggee and join his adventure as he leaps travels to collect flies and survive! Play Froggee online for free! 


Froggee Online Game Features:


Awesome Graphics 

This game has some seriously awesome design and illustrations of Froggee’s world – the stars, the globes, the crocodile, and even flies! Everything that makes up this game is visually stunning and gave justice to the realistic image of these things. It portrayed the right effects for a frog even the right habitat for it. No doubt this game will be a hit not just for the younger generation but the wiser generation as well. So what are you waiting for? Check out the game now! 




Avoid Crocodiles  

The villains of this game are none other than the crocodiles. They threaten the frog from getting settled down from one place to another. If you’re careful and observant of the rotating place, you will see that there are times where the crocodiles will appear. If you made the wrong timing and you touch the crocodiles, you will immediately lose your life. So, be careful with the crocs because they were never there to help you.  


Reach for the Stars  

One of the good motivation for you to keep the track and to jump right in each rotating globe is for you to collect the stars. The stars are just there surrounding the globe or they could be used as a trail to follow the track to leap right to the next ones. It is usually harder to follow trailed stars since you have to create your own strategy in jumping, but surely, when you follow the tracks, you will get these stars as a reward. So, get on that track and follow the stars now!



Jump at the Right Time 

Jumping at the right time is the most important thing in this game. The main reason is that the world they’re jumping right off to is both rotating and not uniform in shape. This means that it would be extremely hard to get the right timing! Plus, it’s actually rotating! Any wrong jump and you could actually fall right off unless there’s a rotating land that would catch you.  


Practice Tapping 

For you to start the habit of getting the right timing in jumping, you have to obviously practice it always. Allow it to simmer in your system. Practice tapping the frog when it’s most difficult because that’s when you can visualize what will happen when the worse actually happens! 


Get Those Air Bubbles 

The very reason you get them is that you can fly when you have air bubbles. So, no more problem with jumping because flying with them is a sure thing to keep you alive.  


Jump Off the Walls 

If ever you get the wrong angle or timing of jumping, and you happened to jump right on the wall that is constantly moving down, make sure to jump off right away or else the game is over for you! Get to the nearest waters and continue on in the game.  




Take Your Time 

One thing to realize about the Froggee game is that it never really gives you a time limit when playing the game. The game really wants you to take your time jumping from one place to another. The game also wants you to wait for the perfect moment to get right next to the land and eventually get the stars.  


Eat Flies for Points 

Well, as gross as this may sound, eating flies can give you points – we mean more points – and score along the way!

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