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Fruit Blaster


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About this Game

Enjoy eating fruits and chopping them up? Maybe you’re into fruit games? Then, you’ll surely enjoy playing this game. Fruit Blaster is an exciting fruit slicing game where you will slice as many fruits as you want before the time ends. Gain combos and earn the highest score possible. Watch out for those upcoming bombs because you get a 5-point reduction once you hit them hindering you from getting the best score possible. Play this intense fast-paced fruit slicing game. Beat your best score every time through practice and repetition.

So what are you waiting for, Fruit Master?  Get your katana out now and get ready to be the best fruit sense to ever live!

Challenge your friends and get on a race for who gets the best score in your group!

Who needs the Candy Fruit Blast game or Fruit Crush Blast anyway when you can have this? Click & Play Fruit Blaster game now for free on PC!


Fruit Blaster


Fruit Blaster Game Features:

Feeling stressed lately and want to release it? Playing Fruit Blaster can definitely help you. With its simple game dynamics, all you need to do is swipe on the screen or move your mouse to cut the flying fruits. The more fruits you cut, the higher your score will be! Sounds fun right? Read on to find more fantastic features about the game:


Simple Fruity Gameplay

Fruit Blaster has a simple gameplay. It can be easily understandable by most and can be played in all ages. The game itself does not need any further instructions. The rules are simple, your task as the fruit master should swipe as many fruits as you can in order for them to get sliced into two. The more fruits that you swipe the more points you will gain. A word of caution! Watch out for the upcoming bombs that you might slice accidentally. Once you swipe it, your score gets deducted by five points and you miss the chance of getting the highest score possible.


Fruit Blaster


Addicting and Exciting

With all its great features, Fruit Blaster is really very addicting and brings us that feeling of excitement every time we get to play this game. It has a great concept that can be easily be enjoyed by all making it hard for its users to resist this game. Moreover, the great sounds and graphics that it provides to its users will make you want to play it over and over again. With all that said, you’ll no doubt get addicted to this game and this is a surefire way for you to be doing during your spare time. You will not only have fun, but benefit from it since it develops your eyesight as well as your response time.



The more you become better at this game, the more challenging it becomes. The longer the game lasts, the more fruits come in your way as well as those tricky bombs.  The bombs are just waiting for you to swipe them and explode to prevent you from getting a high score. In order to get a high score, you need to give everything that you got. From having those sharp eyes, up to using your quick response time to swipe as many fruits possible. Once you become good at this game, you’ll never look for any other.

Be the best fruit master that you can be. Play this game now and show your friends the skills that you got! Impress everyone with your great slashing skills!


Fruit Blaster


Click & Play Fruit Blaster Online now Free for PC!  It’s a fruit blast game online you don’t want to miss slashing on. Be sure to check for more games for your PC and Mac!

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