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About this Game

Doesn’t slicing fruits sound familiar as a game? Well, have another take on this awesome adrenaline rush game! Get ready to sharpen your knives and be on high alert because once you drop one of those fruits, you are in major trouble!

This is one of the new mini-games that you are going to love playing in your free time. Sit down, relax, and don’t trip about your phone battery dying out after playing a couple of games. You can play as many Fruit Chef online games as you want here at

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Fruit Chef


Fruit Chef Online Game Features:


Exciting Online Survival Game

You’re not going to go far in the game if you don’t take it seriously. This survival game has no mercy and you are only given 3 lives. Once you drop a fruit, you lose a life and if you lose your third fruit, then it’s over for you!

This is an awesome and exciting mini-game since you’re always on high alert and always wishing to hit a perfect combo! But, beware! Once you hit anything other than a fruit, it is game over!

This game has become popular and addicting for gamers because you only have one chance to hit a high score! And from there, you begin from scratch once again! Isn’t that exciting?!


Fruit Chef


Great Fun 2D Graphics

The game has really nice and perky 2D animation. It’s a ton full of awesome gameplay with superb quality cartoon drawings. Even the freaky rotten rabbit doll looks adorable when you play this game. In terms of graphics, the game also follows a full Japanese master slicer theme so you will definitely love it! With a nice samurai sword and shuriken in the background, you’re a ninja on the hunt for awesome fruits you can slice.


Fruit Chef


Entertaining Special Orders Mode

In the game, you unlock other quests like special orders where you slice only a couple of fruits or you fulfill slicing requests for your guests. Aside from just slicing off the fruits to stay alive, you get to play other gaming options and slice off as many special order fruits as you can or in the shortest possible time to complete your quest.

The special order gives you extra coins that will help you reach your goal faster in getting those high-end specialty blades that you can use to slice your fruits. You don’t want to stick to a heavy dull knife until the end, do you?


Fruit Chef


Upgradable Gaming Features for Progressive Gameplay

What else will you enjoy than playing a game that keeps it interesting? As the game progresses, your game becomes harder. There are more and more fruits to slice, more bombs, and random objects mixed with the fruits and faster-flying fruits that catch you off guard every time.


Fruit Chef


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