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Fun Summer Holiday

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About this Game

Who wouldn’t love a great game of dress up? Now, you can play dress up on your PC with a doll that you can customize according to your liking. Who wouldn’t’ want that?

Dress up this beautiful maiden and help her prepare her luggage and fly to her destination. This is one of the best games for girls you’d be able to play online. No more hassle when forcing tight clothes onto your dollies’ bodies and choosing from a limited collection of clothes. Here in Fun Summer Holiday, you can mix and match all you want.

Now, from tops, shorts, and bathing suits, you have a collection of summer wear to pick from and match for your friend who is planning to go for a summer vacation in famous beaches around the world. From the sunny breeze in Miami to the serene blue seas of Maldives, you are in for an awesome dress up party with your one and only dolly friend! What are you waiting for? Help her pack now!


Fun Summer Holiday

Fun Summer Holiday Game Features:


Cute Feminine Animation

The 2D animation in the game is just as great as ever with smooth gameplay and great vivid colors. The graphics of Fun Summer Holiday on PC will definitely appeal to your little girls and will keep them entertained for the rest of the game. What a treat!

The game also features a beautiful maiden in a default brown hair bob, brown eyes, and light colored skin. You can opt to keep her that way or maybe change her appearance later on.


Fun Summer Holiday


Simple Dress Up Games for Girls

When you are out for a Fun Summer Holiday, you need to pack the right clothes. It’s the same for your little pal preparing for her summer getaway. Now, you can choose to pack three different outfits for your friend.

You can even play dress up and choose a good makeup set for your friend. From hairdo and hair color to eyeshadow and skin color, you can choose the perfect summer get-up! Help perk up your online dolly and dress her to perfection now! Plus, help her flaunt her awesome new look on the beautiful beaches around the world!


Fun Summer Holiday


Cool Photo Album Game

The game also comes with a photo shoot or rather just you and your phone taking a picture of your dressed up friend. Now, you get to accompany her to different summer getaways around the world.

Before you pack anything, you need to know where to go. So, at the beginning of the game, you have to spin the wheel. The wheel points to your next destination and you can always spin again to go to another place.


Fun Summer Holiday


Fun Summer Holiday Endless Dress-Up Match Game

You’ll love that you have an endless set of matches to make. Be creative and let your fashion, style and creativity shine in Fun Summer Holiday free game. You can even keep your dress up in a photo album and take great pictures of your beautiful fashion style at work. This is definitely something little girls are going to really love and enjoy.


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