Get 10 Play Free Games on Gameslol
Get 10 Play Free Games on Gameslol

Tease your Brain with Get 10 | Crazy Fun Unblocked Games Online

The most beautiful puzzle game for number lovers is here! Get 10 is very easy to play and is a game for everyone. But beware, this interesting puzzle game features a simple number-based mechanics that will challenge your mind. This game is not just a game of luck, you have to be able to find and combine numbers of the same value to create a total of 10. You can combine any matching tiles as long as they are adjacent to one another. Create a more valuable square by selecting the best spots and unlock new combinations. The game will not require you to download anything, just free endless playing. Get ready to be addicted to Get 10 and find out how many numbers you can combine!



Get 10 Game Features:

A colorful game with endless challenges awaits the players of Get 10. Learn more about the game features below:


Unique Color for Each Number

Puzzle Games are really entertaining, Get 10 is one of those games that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. Tiles of various numbers are colored differently so there is no room for confusion. The colors are unique and there are no different numbers of the same color. You can easily familiarize yourself with the numbers in this game. Number 1 tile is yellow, 2 is green, 3 is red and 4 is blue, 5 is orange and 6 is a darker shade of blue and so forth.



Easy Gameplay

The aim of the game is very simple, just combine tiles of the same number to create a total of 10. Numbers of the same value must be adjacent to one another in order to connect them successfully. If you combine two or more same numbers, the next number to that value will appear until tile number 10. Though the gameplay is very easy, the game becomes progressively challenging as you have to be strategic in your moves or else, you will run out of moves and the game will end.


Endless Challenge

You can play this game anytime and for as long as you want (or can) without worrying about reaching the end of the game because there is none. Get the highest score possible and be the master of Get 10.



No Limit to The Tiles You Can Combine

You can combine as many tiles as you can as long as they are nearby each other. The minimum tiles you can combine are two and the next are limitless as long as they have the same value. Just be careful matching your numbers especially for the bigger values because you don’t want to end up having too many high valued number.


Soothing Background Music

The game could get tiresome to some especially if the numbers get bigger and the puzzle gets more challenging. Turning the music on can help soothe your mind and tease your brain to come up with possible matches. The soothing background music can help stimulate your brain and bring out the genius in you.


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