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About this Game

Do you fancy dragon games but you’re put off by the hassle of downloading? Your luck, my friend, is about to change. Introducing, Glauron! A mighty fire-breathing beast who broke out of its shackles after 500 years. After all those years of isolation, this king of the sky is not very happy and is in pursuit of some sweet revenge against those responsible for his mortification. Sounds familiar? It should, since you will be playing this indomitable character.

Do take note that this quest is not for everyone, as it requires hardcore gaming skills and motivation. In other words, if you are one of those hardcore gamers who are in constant pursuit of a challenge, then you might just be one of the few worthy enough to represent Glauron. Click on the play now button to prove your skills!


Glauron: Dragon Tales


Glauron: Dragon Tales Online Game Features:


Glauron: Dragon Tales is part of the ever-growing line of HTML5 games better known as browser games. Just like all the other games, this title does not require any plug-ins or downloads, which means that players can access the game on the browser. Pretty cool, right? In fact, you can try the game right now by clicking on that “Play Now” button displayed on your screen.


Glauron: Dragon Tales


A Challenging Quest for Retribution

Glauron: Dragon Tales follows the exploits of a dragon who recently broke out of prison after 500 years. Naturally, he is not happy and is out for retribution. However, having been isolated for such a long time has its toll, meaning that the character (you) has to learn how to navigate the skies again (left mouse click for lift) while unleashing those fiery balls of rage (right mouse click to unleash fireballs). Adding more to the challenge are the irregular terrains that will swallow the character if he gets too close.


Glauron: Dragon Tales


Seamless Transition of Gameplay

After you get familiar with the controls and somehow got your “groove” back, the next step will be to prove your skills in the game by traversing flawlessly and racking up scores into the game. Do take note that before you attempt some kind of record-setting run, the game features a seamless gameplay transition. This means that there is no cutscenes or pauses in the game unless the main character is slain or plunges to his death.


Glauron: Dragon Tales


Fascinating Attention to Detail

Glauron: Dragon Tales may just be a simple browser game but there are a lot of effort and skills invested in this title. Though it may not be visible to others, meticulous gamers will notice that the game is packed and full of small details. If you look closely into the game, you will notice that even the arrows possessed all the characteristics of the real ones. Not to mention the perfect integration of the sun in the background! It not only illuminates the entire environment but also boosts the so-called dramatic effect in the game. Feeling skeptical? Why don’t you click on the “Play Now” button on your screen and discover the fascinating world of Glauron: Dragon Tales!


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