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Free car games online are always fun but none are as fast-paced and arcadey as Grand Prix Hero! If you’ve grown up playing Formula One games in the arcade, this game will surely bring back those memories.You get to play as a professional driver with one goal in mind: become the grand prix hero. Journey across 4 different tournaments across the world! However, the road to get there will be hard – your opponents are fast and smart and they’re not going to give up their positions easy. You’ll have to step up your game and rev up on some upgrades.

Featuring a two-panel button to maneuver your vehicle, Grand Prix Hero is a fun casual speed car game that you will surely enjoy!


Grand Prix Hero Features:

Grand Prix Hero brings the high-octane action of a racing car game in a mini format! The game also has car enthusiasts drooling over the car selections that you can choose to play. Read on to check out the game’s other features:


Over 4 Grand Prix to Choose From


Grand Prix Hero


Racing and action games that are free online don’t really give you much more than just a couple of stages for you to drive and repeat. In Grand Prix Hero, you get to choose over 4 tournaments set around the globe: Italy, Great Britain, Japan, and Monaco.
You’ll start off in the Italian Grand Prix where you get to debut as a professional rider. This is a beginner course that’s good to get you welcomed onto what the game has in store for you. The track is full of straight roads which are good for when you want to go full throttle. Cars with top speed and acceleration are very welcome here.

The British Grand Prix is home of the most aggressive drivers you’ll ever meet. Make sure you know when to avoid them and when to cut corners because they will stop at nothing to not get you to the #1 position or on the podium at all. It’s always best to overtake them on the curves.
The Japanese Grand Prix is a well-balanced track full of long curves and straight tracks. You should be investing in handling improvement here as the tracks are unforgiving if you make the wrong turns.
The Monaco Grand Prix is the finale tournament that offers the most challenging course; full of tracks that are all about right turns, exact overtaking maneuvers and a speed boost that are very essential to collect. This grand prix is a do-or-die mission that will either turn you into a champion or end up as another driver who can’t seem to win at all.


Upgrade Your Vehicle and Dominate the World


Grand Prix Hero


It’s just not a car game without an upgrade feature. Even crazy games that include blasting your opponents in a go-kart race have upgrades.
You’ll start out weak in the game but as you progress and earn tokens, you’ll slowly become the most powerful racer on the planet. Upgrade your vehicles with top speed, acceleration, handling, and even a nitro boost. Each perk is essential to get you to win every tournament as well as outclassing your own opponents.


Simple Controls, Complex Gameplay


Grand Prix Hero


You only need two controls in the game – the left and the right buttons. Your car will automatically throttle and break at any given time depending on when you will press left or right. However, just because the controls are easy doesn’t mean the game is easy.
The AI opponents are smart and know when to screen you in order for you not to advance through the course and overtake them. But with the help of some nitro boosts in the tracks, you should be able to one-up over your opponents. Will you be able to defeat them and become a racing god?

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