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About this Game

Looking for a puzzle game that will tickle your mind and challenge your mental capacity? This peculiar gnomish game will test your intelligence and tease your brain. Pit your wits in the Greedy Gnomes game. It’s fun and brainy.

This game of strategy follows the game between two brothers—Us and Zus. Using precious gems as game stones, the objective of the game is to score as many points by lining up 4 or more gems whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can choose to play against the computer or against another player.

Who will win the game? Will it be you (playing as Us or Zus) or the other brother? Test your wits and try your hand at this thinking man’s (or gnome) game. Play Greedy Gnomes free on your phone, tablet, or PC.


Greedy Gnomes


Free Greedy Gnomes Game Features:


A Peculiar Gnomish Twist to the Classic “Connect Four” Game

Are you familiar with Connect Four? It’s a classic two-player game where the participants take turns in dropping colored discs into vertical columns. The discs will fall straight down to the lowest available space in each column. Each player will hold one set of colors; it’s usually red for one player while it’s yellow for the other.

In Connect Four, the objective of the game is to line up 4 discs of the same color. Play the right moves and adopt the right strategy to connect all four same-colored discs.

Greedy Gnomes follows the same concept with Connect Four. You will match four or more of the same gem (the game uses precious stones instead of discs) in a straight line; that will score you points. You will continue to play the game until there is no more available space left. The player who scored the most points (i.e., had the most number of lines of gems made) wins the round.


Greedy Gnomes


Simple Game Premise

This puzzle game features an easy yet interesting gameplay. The Greedy Gnomes game features two gnome brothers named Us and Zus, playing this peculiar gnomish game. As they are extremely wealthy, they’re using the precious stones diamond and ruby as their “discs” for this game of “Connect Four.”

If you’re playing against the computer, you will assume the role of one of the brothers. There’s also a two-player mode where you can play against another individual. Which gnome brother will win? Will it be Us or Zus?


Greedy Gnomes


Smooth, Uninterrupted Gameplay

Greedy Gnomes offers smooth and uninterrupted gameplay, making it more immersive and engaging. Set across a beautiful gnomish background, the puzzle game features impressive graphics. What’s more, it has fantastic sound effects, giving it a peculiar gnomish touch.


A Game of Logic and Strategy

It’s a puzzle game that will tease your brain and pit your wits. It can be challenging, but it’s definitely very entertaining and highly addictive. It’s difficult to put the game away, leaving you strapped in for hours. You won’t stop at only one round. You’ll want to play some more.

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