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About this Game

Girls just want to look beautiful and feel good about it. Hair Do Design lets you into the world of hair styling and makeovers with a simple minimalist game where you take care of the dreams of the women who walk into your salon spa.

Get ready for the best pamper time and allow your creativity to flow freely. With a variety of hairstyles to try out, and so many beautiful pins and hair ties to choose from you can really do whatever you can think up. Take a screenshot and show off your styling skills with friends and family.

Complete an easy to follow, step-by-step hair and facial treatment and see the magic happen right in front of you.


Hair Do Design Game Features:


For the Full Fabulous Treatment

Hair Do Design has three basic modes of gameplay and each one represents the stages in the hair and facial makeover. Go for the full hair and facial treatment by starting with the hair spa and make your way through the different treatment products to make a girls dream a reality.

Boys will never understand what it takes to look as good as girls do, and giving the treatment is just as fun as getting the treatment in real life. Use the shower hose, shampoo, conditioner, and blow dryer to make girls hair really shine.


Hair Do Design


A Step-by-Step Treatment

GameiMax has made very easy going games great for just chilling after a busy day at school or even work. Girls of any age will find some fun and relaxation in the music and easy to follow steps.

Every girl already knows what to do, but for those with lesser experience do not have to worry. Each stage is so intuitively designed, you will get through them without difficulty. Each treatment product is displayed in order and is easy to follow. You will even see instant results of the treatment, just look for the firework of flowers that signifies a task is complete.


Hair Do Design


Feel Like You Are Styling

Hair styling has never been more easy or simple to follow. Just swipe the direction of the arrow and see the change happen right in front of you. Each step is carefully designed to mimic the steps of an actual hairstyle. Now you can be sassy without the fussy!

It may not be some top-of-the-line simulation game by a triple-A developer. GameiMax has focused on simplicity and fun, but even so, the gameplay does not feel dull and unimaginative.


Hair Do Design


There Is No Ending

As an open-ended game for girls, there is no end of the story or final level. You can keep going as long as you want. With different hairstyles to try out and lots of hair accessories, you can spend oodles and oodles of time just trying to get the final perfect result.

Snap a screenshot of your work and share it with your friends and family, then do it all over again from the very beginning.


Hair Do Design


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