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Happy Kittens Puzzle


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About this Game

Cat lovers unite! If you love cats so much and you’re looking for funny cat games to play and pass the time, then Happy Kittens Puzzle online is the best one for you. Play the conventional puzzle game with the twist, having cute cats as the pieces of the puzzle. Switch the cats around so you would fill the board with cute and happy kittens only. Remember, no grumpy cats allowed! Tap and flip the grumpy cats over so they become happy and smiling cats. Play more as the positions of the cat become more complicated. Don’t let all of them become grumpy cats, we all know how they could become.

Click and play Happy Kittens Puzzle and enjoy the fun of flipping angry cats to happy ones. Beat all the levels and formulate strategies to have happy cats on the board.


Happy Kittens Puzzle Game of Features:

Play 60+ Furry Levels

Indulge yourself with the faces of both happy and grumpy cats! Happy Kittens Puzzle PC is one of the best crazy cat games that have crazy levels. First, you will start with 3 grumpy cats. Once you move forward to higher levels, you will encounter more complicated positions! The gameplay might look simple but it’s actually an intellectually challenging one. Study the board, strategize your moves and flip those grumpy cats over.


Happy Kittens Puzzle


A Challenging Puzzle Game

Happy Kittens Puzzle is not considered as one of the crazy cat games for a reason. You start with easy levels, flipping over 3 grumpy cats to 6 and more. Once you have 9 or more grumpy cats, things will get more complicated. Flipping the happy cats will turn them into grumpy ones, which makes the game more challenging. Doing a wrong move and will turn the board full of grumpy cats. You wouldn’t want that. Grumpy cats are crazy!


Follow the Highlighted Part for Hints

Happy Kittens Puzzle online is still an easy game if you just follow the highlight when you click on the grumpy cats. For example, if you are given 4 grumpy cats in one row, once you click one grumpy cat, it will highlight the happy cats it’s going to affect. These hints will help you plan your moves and not flip happy cats into grumpy ones.


Happy Kittens Puzzle


Fill the Board with Happy Kittens Using Few Moves

Race against yourself and fill the board with happy smiling kittens using few moves. Use your planning skills to make smart moves when it comes to flipping the kittens over.


Cute Graphics and Animation

And who would forget about the cute graphics and animation of this puzzle games of cats? You would surely have fun playing while looking at the cute smiley faces of the cat. You would be challenged to complete the level because of the disturbing faces of grumpy cats!


Happy Kittens Puzzle


So, what are you waiting now? Join the fun and complete the puzzle. Click and play Happy Kittens Puzzle on your PC. If you liked this game, check out our other puzzle games like Cookie Crush 3 or Block Puzzle Jewel! Cat games, crazy games, we got them just for you!

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