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About this Game

Are you looking for free cool online games that will keep you fueled with excitement to take on a long lousy day? Or are you just looking for a game that you can pass the time with on your pc? How about spending your time on an endless escape game that will not only keep you busy but also challenged? This might be the game you are looking for. Harry Down is an HTML 5 game filled with exciting challenges, perfect for adventure-seekers game players out there. This free-to-play game will challenge your venturesome characteristic but will surely keep you entertained. Interested? Play the game now for free. No download required, just click the link and play! Good luck helping Harry out of the Doom Machine!


Harry Down


Harry Down Game Features:

Harry Down is a free online game on PC that combines the challenging gameplay of an endless runner game and the nostalgia of the ’90s game graphics a la the Metal Slug series.  This is a game that you will surely have fun playing.  It boasts of user-friendly controls with an old school vibe.  The game will keep anyone glued to their screens as they help Harry escape from a harrowing death. Read on to find more features about this game:


Control Harry with Ease

Most free online games fail to impress players when the controls are difficult to understand. Harry Down is not one of those games. Using your mouse, the arrow keys on the keyboard or your touchpad, you can easily control him in either left or right as he constantly descends. Help him go down the machine and let the controls be the least of your worries.


Harry Down


Easy Gameplay

Harry Down online game is a very simple and easy-to-play game.  The premise is simple where you just have to help our friend little Harry go down the doom machine. That’s all! Do not be left behind by the moving screen.  You have to be quick in helping him go down from one platform to another.  Unfortunately, if you happen to leave him above and he is no longer seen on the screen, then our poor Harry loses the game.


Not all Platforms are Safe for Landing  

To successfully go down, Harry must step down from one platform to another. As the platform moves from left to right, you must quickly move the character as well. You can do that by moving your cursor or pressing the left and right arrows on your keyboard. But watch out when you jump from one stage to another as some platforms disappear after Harry steps on it.  If by any chance, there is no platform to step on, you might end up falling down to oblivion and our little friend Harry will be a goner. In some instances, you might land on a conveyor and if you are not quick enough you might also lose the stage, so look out!


Harry Down


Artistic Graphics and Sounds

Harry Down is a skill game set in a background that appears to be a skyscraper. Your goal is to ensure that Harry goes down safely to the end. In terms of graphics, the game looks like one of those old-school game such as Conan, Contra or Metal Slug.  Playing this game will take you down memory lane. When it comes to sounds, it features a realistic machine sound at work, contrary to the retro visuals.  Again, you really need to move as quickly as you can you won’t end up being shredded by the doom machine. In the event Harry gets caught, you will hear him shout in agony. Ouch! Overall, the sound is a good element to the game to keep your adrenaline high and your excitement up!  Have fun going down and don’t let Harry Down get caught!

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