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About this Game

A belligerent force seeks to invade our planet. Earth is under attack by a very powerful alien fleet. Unfortunately, most of the world’s defenses are crippled, leaving the planet vulnerable to alien attacks. With an impending invasion, the world is at risk of annihilation.

Thankfully, there lies one remaining defense. In this thrilling strategy game, you will play the role of commander in the planet’s intergalactic defense fleet. Position all ships and defend earth at all costs. The fate of humanity and order in the universe is at stake. In the Intergalactic Battleship game, you will destroy all alien ships before they destroy yours. Locate their whereabouts on the grid and fire.

Play Intergalactic Battleship online free. It will test your wits and make you think about your strategy.


Intergalactic Battleship


Intergalactic Battleship Game Features:


Based Off the Classic Game of Battleship

Have you played Battleship? It’s a guessing board game between two players, played on a ruled grid. Each player will guess the location of the opponent’s fleet, which is concealed from view. Players will take alternate turns, firing shots at the opposing player’s battleships. the objective is to eliminate the opponent’s fleet.

Battleship has spawned many versions, including its electronic versions and a film. Today more video games are created based off it. One of these video games is Intergalactic Battleship.

In the Intergalactic Battleship game, you will be playing against the computer, being the alien ships set to invade planet earth. Your goal is to destroy these vessels to save the world from annihilation.


Intergalactic Battleship


Straightforward Gameplay and Game Controls

Just like in the classic board game, you will locate the enemy vessels on the opposing grid and fire on it. In Intergalactic Battleship, you have to destroy the rival fleet before it destroys all of your ships.

The brain-teasing strategy game starts by having you place all your ships in formation. You can position each individual vessel anywhere on the grid. When you’re done, the enemy will then position its fleet, which is concealed from your view.

Once both you and your opponent have finished positioning your respective fleets, the game starts by letting you (or your opponent, whichever turn comes first) select an area on the opponent’s grid. That’s where the laser beam is directed, simulating artillery fire from your fleet.

After your turn, the opponent makes a move next. It will pick an area on your grid then fire off its main weapon in that direction. This strategy game has very simple controls. To select on any part of the grid, you simply click on the area.


Intergalactic Battleship


Smooth Graphics and Impressive Visuals

Despite having smooth graphics and high definition visuals, the game does not pose a problem with game performance. No lags or noticeable delays during the game.


Play It for Free

You can play Intergalactic Battleship free online. No signups, no email registrations, no credit cards needed. Just open your browser on your computer, phone, or tablet, and enjoy the game at no cost to you.

Did you enjoy this game review? You will be happy to know that you can play the game today for free on your own PC. Fight for Earth’s survival in Intergalactic Battleship now!

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