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Jelly Rock Ola

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About this Game

Our moms always tell us that eating and mixing different types of candy can really be a massive health problem. But here in Jelly Rock Ola, all you do is mix the candies and win! The more candies you put together, the better!

If you get tired of matching puzzle games, you can try this game out and have fun collecting your wins by putting jelly candies together. Enjoy a sweet tooth thrill every time by collecting as many candies as required and fill your pouch with candies that will supply you a lifetime.


Jelly Rock Ola


Now, you can play Jelly Rock Ola online without ever downloading it on your phone. This way, you won’t have to waste your precious phone battery and consume valuable space on your PC. Just visit us here at and check out other awesome games that you can play!


Jelly Rock Ola


Jelly Rock Ola Online Game Features:


Beautiful 3D Candy Puzzle Game

You can now join Lollie in collecting the jelly candies she needs. This 3D animated game has superb gaming visual quality making you enjoy every minute of it. You will also have Lollie supporting you every step of the way—and sometimes looking really smuck and smug when you happen to fail the level.

Anyway, the game offers great quality gaming features with nice vivid colors and a nice tune to whistle along as you match the candies together.


Super Fun Jelly Matching Game

Unlike a typical puzzle matching game where you switch candies to complete a match of three candies, Jelly Rock Ola pops candies with just two candies. You need to complete two tasks at every level: collect a certain amount of points by popping candies and by also collecting the needed number of specified jelly candies.

Jelly Rock Ola free game offers tons of fun and real adventure because you also go through a forest full of intense matching levels that need your time and attention. You’ll love this game because it has its own obstacles that will challenge you to think and overcome the various changes in every level.


Jelly Rock Ola


Cool Bonus Candies

The great thing about this game is that it has an awesome gameplay. If you match three candies, you get a popping jelly bomb. The jelly bomb explodes, making the candies that sit right beside it pop. When you match 5 jelly candies together, they create a striped lollipop that will blast any jelly candy horizontally and vertically.

There are also three special candies at the bottom left side of the screen. When you are stuck in a rut, you can use these candies to blast candies away. If you are out of moves, you can surely use your gems to give you 15 extra moves.


Progressive and Challenging Gameplay

As the level progresses, it becomes harder and harder for you to complete the level. There are obstacles to meet like blasting sugar blocks away or collecting a certain number of colored candies.

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