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About this Game

Are you looking for a fun yet challenging way to learn Math? Jelly Slice Unblocked is a cool math puzzle playground game that uses your logical skills. Just use your mouse or touchpad to slice the jelly. Each slice should have 1 star, and you have to do with limited moves only. Does that sound simple? Wait until you tried the game for yourself! More jelly cutting sessions would come as you progress from one level to another. Practice your logical thinking and creativity with this amazing game and shoot for 2 stars!

Click and play the game on your PC and complete all the levels. Learning shouldn’t be boring, so make it fun and worthwhile through playing games like Jelly Slice online!


Jelly Slice Game Features:

Calling all Math nerds out there! If you’re looking for a game that not will leave you visually in awe but will also test your number skills, look no further ‘coz Jelly Slice is here. Incorporating cute and fun graphics with the goal of teaching Math, Jelly Slice will provide fun and enjoyment alongside educational enlightenment. Don’t believe us? Read on to know more about the game’s other features:


Learn Math Effectively Through Jelly Slicing

Jelly Slice is one of the best cool math games out there. You just don’t deal with the typical math numbers and solutions, but you are given jellies to slice! Does that make sense? The game involves jellies and stars. You need to slice the jelly so each slice would have one star each, and most of the time you would be given lots of starts and a limited number of moves? How would you win the game? Think and compute!


Jelly Slice


3+ Mathematical Stages to Play

You don’t only get 1 or 2 stages, but more than 3 stages! And don’t worry, because each stage you would get is 15 levels each. If you want more because you can’t stop playing, the replayability is high. Play in Jelly Sky, Jelly Spring, Jelly Sunset and many more. Each of the stages consists of different levels with varying complexity. Make learning a fun experience with Jelly Slice online.


Jelly Slice


Aim for 3 Stars

Don’t settle for less and go for 3 stars! This means in each level you have to complete the challenge and get 3 stars. More stars, more coins for you.


Blue Stars for a Complete Score

In each jelly, there would be gold and blue stars. Your goal is to slice the jelly with one star each, right? Aim to slice a jelly with blue stars each so you can gain the complete score for that level. Wow!


Jelly Slice


Use Hint Wisely

When you are stuck in a level, you can use the hint to slice the jelly. But, if you can still figure out possible moves to slice the jelly, don’t use the hint yet. It costs 200 coins for just one hint, and coins are not easy to earn. So, save those hints for the most difficult levels.

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