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About this Game

JomJom likes his tasty apples. Help our cute friend get his fruit ration by guiding him as he dashes from platform to platform in JomJom Jump. It’s an endless jumping action game where you need to collect as many apples as you can.


But here’s the catch; you’ll have to race against the clock or else it’s game over for you. Get those tasty apples to refill JomJom’s energy. At the same time, you need to collect those time bonuses to buy you more time.


JomJom Jump is a fun game that requires focus. You need to pay attention to where you jump and land. Fall short of your aim and you might fall. Or if you make the mistake on jump on a side where there’s no platform, then it’s game over.


JomJom Jump


JomJom Jump Game Features on PC:


Simple Gameplay and Easy Game Controls

The JomJom Jump game isn’t very complicated. You tap or click on the left, and JomJom will jump to the left. If you tap or click on the right, he’ll dash on the right side. Quite simple and easy, right? Indeed, they are.


JomJom Jump

Fun, Exciting Game That Delivers Hours of Fun

The JomJom Jump game offers loads of fun for hours. It’s an endless action game where you jump from one platform to the next. While all levels only require the same motion, which is jumping, the higher up you go, the more challenging it gets.


JomJom Jump Can Get Incredibly Challenging

But don’t let the simple gameplay and easy game controls fool you. Here’s why.


Your primary objective in this game is to land squarely on each platform. Miss on that landing and you’ll hit the air and fall straight down. Then it’s game over for you. Your next objective is to gather as many apples as you can. JomJom likes his fruits. He needs them to restore his energy levels.

For your last objective, you’ll need to buy more time. You need to collect those time bonuses; they are shaped like hourglasses within the game. Get those and you get extra time to continue the game. So, the challenge lies in looking at what’s ahead so you can achieve those objectives and reach further higher. If you fail to see ahead, you might miss that tasty apple. Or worse, that hourglass that buys you more time.


JomJom Jump


Cute Graphics and Smooth Visual Effects

Just take a look at JomJom. Look at that face. Doesn’t he look cute? Well, for some, he may not be that good-looking, but he’s definitely endearing in some way. Will you help that cute/ugly creature find hourglasses and collect his tasty apples?

JomJom Jump also looks good and runs smoothly on your phone, device, or PC. Combine all these elements, and you get a super addictive game. You’ll be playing this action game for hours, and you won’t even notice how the time flew.


Kid-Friendly Fun

JomJom Jump is a fun, action game that anyone in the family can play. From grandma to the youngest toddler, it’s an exciting game the whole family can enjoy.

Play JomJom Jump by Blackmoon Dev for free online without the need to download and absolutely zero payment. Enjoy the endless runner (or better yet, jumper) game today!

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