Juicy Dash

Hypnocat Studio

About this Game

This classic matching game has a totally different and exciting twist. You can enjoy matching up three or more of the same fruits and pop as many fruits as possible to level up! Aside from its exciting features, this mini-game also has vivid and colorful graphics that will definitely entertain you and your kids. With easy gameplay and many challenges to meet, you are surely going to enjoy this game! No complicated instructions included! Just swipe and match!


You can finally play it online via Games.lol along with other fun Puzzle Mini-Games like Cookie Crush 3! Download and play your favorite fruit matching game now for free! Juicy Dash is available online via Games.lol!


Juicy Dash


Juicy Dash Online Game Features:


Awesome Fruit Selection in Crisp Clear Graphics Display

Some games lose its visual quality when converted to a PC version. But Juicy Dash online is an exception. This mini-game features crisp animation and superb quality along with great 2D animation which will surely keep you glued on your screen!


No one is bound to enjoy a great game if it has crappy graphics, right? The game also comes with great sound effects which add up to a pleasant arcade mini-game vibe.


Juicy Dash


Match Bonus for More Exciting Gameplay

No matching game will ever be complete without bonuses! Normally, you just have to pop three matching fruits. But with every four or five matching fruits, you get bonuses that help you burn out more fruits and achieve your goals more quickly.


When you pop four fruits, you are given an iced mint mojito or any similar item. The iced mojito will pop an entire line horizontally or vertically. If you hit a double match of fruits, you will be given a clock that will extend your time for an additional 10 seconds. If you match five fruits, you will get a pink fruit jam that will remove an entire batch of fruits on the screen.


Now, who doesn’t like hitting combos? Certainly not us!


Juicy Dash


Progressing Levels to Enjoy

The game has tons of levels to accomplish! With different levels to complete and with each level getting more difficult to conquer, the game becomes more intense and challenging. Isn’t this a gamer’s dream? To be challenged and enjoy an online game at the same time? Once you hit five levels, there is a new challenge waiting for you like adding extra fruits or adding challenges that you need to overcome.


Juicy Dash


More and More Fruits Added to the Selection as You Play Along

The game starts off with four fruits: red apple, orange, grapes, and raspberry. As you progress to higher levels, you get additional fruits like bananas! You’re going to go bananas over the new set of fruits added to the bunch! Plus, you also get other challenges like popping out surrounding walls to remove a fruit.

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