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Junior Chess


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About this Game

Are you a big fan of chess? Play a kids chess game now on your PC wherever you are.

Master the game of chess by winning all the levels of the game. The difficulty ranges from easy to difficult. So, if you’re a newbie to the world of chess, this mini-game is one of the best chess games for beginners you can try. If you are already experienced, you can play at a hard level in your leisure time. Practice your moves, learn how the pieces should work, protect the king and aim for a checkmate towards your opponent.

Beginners and professionals alike can enjoy this game especially because of the fun and cute animation of the chess board. Click and play Junior Chess and become a champion chess player!


Junior Chess


Junior Chess Game Online Features

A game of chess can be intimidating, and so Junior Chess aims to make any player feel comfortable when they start playing the game. Aside from that, it also has some light aesthetics to keep your eyes glued to the screen as you strategize your way to a win. Read on to know more about the game’s features:


Cute Graphics and Animation

The typical chess board has colors black and white, but in Junior Chess kid play game, you will experience a fun match because of the fun graphics and animation. It depicts the classic face of Royalty, with the face of Kings and Queens on the pieces. Have fun playing with these adorable pieces bonus the King’s reaction when he feels he’s going to be trapped! Don’t feel royal now eh, King?


Learn the Rules of the Game

Good news for those who are beginners in the chess game. If you don’t know the moves for each of the pieces, there is a special section for the game rules. Just check the Rules button on the lower right corner of the screen. There is an in-depth explanation of the purpose of the piece and the moves you can do with them. Have fun learning and don’t forget to try out the easy level first!


Junior Chess


Play in 3 Levels of Difficulty

Junior Chess PC game is not only one of the best chess games for beginners and kids, but it’s great for the experienced and professionals as well. Play in easy, moderate or hard level. Play the level that suits your skills.


Movement Guide in All Levels

Learning Chess is not easy! Good news, aside from the tutorial about the rules, there is a guide for your moves at all levels. Once you click on a piece, it will show all the possible moves you can do. If you’re a beginner who’s still learning about strategies and moves, just follow the movement guide indicated in red. It’s then up to you where to put your piece. Remember, having a good strategy is still the key to winning the game.


Junior Chess


Aim for a Checkmate!

The whole point of the game will arrive at this, a checkmate! Capturing the King of your opponent is the only way to finish and win the game. That’s where your strategy should focus on. Use your army wisely to capture the enemy King, and you should also protect your King while aiming for a checkmate.


Junior Chess


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