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About this Game

Play this awesome adventure game and go through a series of levels, unlocking the cages of your kidnapped friends. You are the only hope of your friends. You have to fight against fire-blasting enemies, rolling pins, floating bombs and mines, and many more.

You need to embark on a dangerous journey to win and survive the march towards freedom. But be aware, you are only armed with a shield and a magic key; these are the tools that can open any door or cage that will help free your friends. In order to get them out, you have to stay alive for as long as you can. And to be victorious, you have to survive as far as you can in each level. Here, we have a Key and Shield walkthrough that will help you play the game better.


Key & Shield


Key & Shield Online Game Features:


Cool Gameplay and Funky Animation

The game features high-quality 2D animation. In fact, it is an adorable cartoon figure with a really cute button character. Just imagine an adorable button with feet! That’s how nice the graphics are. The visuals offer great effects as well and a really funky tune that lets you groove to the music as you play along.

On the other hand, the 2D animation is created with care because the game looks absolutely stunning. It’s the type of animation that kids, especially the younger ones, would absolutely enjoy. The game is definitely for everyone because it also is not as hardcore or violent as other online games out there, making this action adventure a child-friendly game.


Key & Shield


Great Challenges to Overcome

The challenges are extra-fun as well. You’d love to totally take part in playing the features of the game well. The challenge is that you need to complete three different goals every time you finish the game: rescue baba, collect all of the coins, and open the cage where your other friend is being kept in.

You finish a level every time you unlock the cage. Although you can complete a level without having to collect all of the coins or leave Baba to where he is. But wouldn’t you want to just go for it and complete all three challenges while you are at it? Completing the challenges grants you extra gold; you also get more points when you complete all challenges or goals.



Key & Shield


Easy Game, Easy Controls, Hard to Master

The game has super easy controls. On your computer, you have the left and right arrow keys to navigate your button character to and fro. To let your character jump, you press on “Z.” And to let him hold his shield up, you press on “X.” You can let your character glide by putting up your shield and jumping. Your character will glide in the air, making it easy for him to hover around and collect more gold. You can also use it to attack and protect yourself.

Although there are only four keys to use in playing the game, it is pretty challenging to master as well. Navigation is easy, but moving around with ease and to master the game is a big challenge.


Key & Shield


Special Things You Ought to Know about the Key and Shield Online Game

The game has hidden secrets that you should know before playing. First of all, you need to keep climbing up to find more bonus challenges and extra bonus coins to collect.

When you see a turtle, you should jump over its back to have a higher jump or boost. The turtle’s back can serve as a trampoline for your character to play on.


Key & Shield

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