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About this Game

Now that you are out of prison, you need to start somewhere! And what better way to start than to get back in business! Hunt down dungeons with hidden treasures along the way and get the business up and running!


There are tons of treasures and GOLD to add to your collection but to get a hold of the protected treasure, you need to overcome traps, evade monsters protecting the treasure, and go through difficult dungeon layouts by jumping over walls.


King of Thieves


Be the master of the game and play the King of Thieves Mini-Game without having to install the app on your computer! If you want to get the full version, you can always download King of Thieves on your PC.


King of Thieves


King of Thieves Free Game Features:


Adorable Zeptolab Trademark Graphics to Enjoy

One of the awesome things that you will love about this game is the graphics. The images bear the trademark of Zeptolab animation and graphics. You’re all familiar with Om Nom, right? It’s the adorable green critter that is absolutely addicted to sweets. The graphics are bound to create the same adorable and enjoyable gameplay! With smooth and vivid colors, you’re not the only one who’ll sit in front of your computer to play. Watch out or your kids will take over!


King of Thieves


Difficult Challenges in Every Level

The game is super easy to play! How could it not be if you only have one button to press! You either just use your left mouse button or your spacebar, and that’s it! Your little black thief automatically moves toward one direction. You just have to click on your mouse to make him jump! Let him jump against the wall to change direction or climb over tall walls and get to his destination.


Though the King of Thieves online game control is very easy to use, the game itself is a serious challenge. With a hyperactive ninja thief, you need to be careful about where you are leading your character. You may be getting closer to the treasure but one wrong click will send him right into the abyss. The game is pretty difficult to master but you will surely have an awesome gaming experience once you get the hang of it.


Be careful when you play King of Thieves game online! Every time you die, you lose a bit of your life and star points and even have lesser gold by the time you get to the treasure. Bummer!


King of Thieves


Over 100 Levels of Online Treasure Hunting

You’ll never get tired of playing this game since there are tons of levels to play. What’s more exciting is that each of them becomes even more interesting since each dungeon has challenges that are becoming more difficult!


King of Thieves


Easy and Simple Mini-Game

With simple and easy gameplay, who wouldn’t want to play King of Thieves online? The King of Thieves free mini-game has a simple gaming feature making this a great time killer. However, if you are up for a challenge to play a harder level and compete with other players online, you can get the full version of the game here at!


Waste no time and download King of Thieves on PC now! Still got energy for more Action Games? Live on the edge and play Break the Prison now!

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