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About this Game

Knight Treasure is a tale of a brave cavalier who fell in love with a beautiful princess. Just when he thought that true love is within his reach, the queen got in the way and declared his love unworthy.  Play Knight Treasure and help our poor soldier win the love of his life. Kight Treasure is a game that’s free to play . No download required, and no need to register to anything. Just click the link and play anytime on your PC. Do you think you can help our brave knight win the approval of the queen? Play the game for free now and help the knight marry the princess and prove that love will conquer all. Read on to learn more about the game.


Knight Treasure


Knight Treasure Game Features:

Who doesn’t love a game about unrequited love? Knight Treasure explores what someone will do in the name of love while providing an entertaining gameplay. Aside from that, the game also has a cool background music and sound effects that will surely get any player immersed in no time. Learn more features about the game by reading below:


Knight Treasure


A Hopeless Romantic in Search for True Love

Our main character in the game Knight Treasure is a young brave medieval knight who fell in love with a beautiful princess. Though rich in kindness and possessing a big heart, the poor knight did not impress the queen because he does not own anything worldly. In order to prove to the queen his love for the princess is true, the brave knight decided to venture into a haunted island filled with treasures. Are his sacrifices good enough to please the queen? Play the game to find out.


Explore 8 Kingdoms

The knight needs to win two hearts to be accepted in the royal family, first is the princess’ and second is the queen’s. To do that, he must conquer 8 kingdoms namely Carta, Bogo, Dago, Karta, Unca, Jongg, Beka, and Cikar. Are you brave enough to invade those kingdoms? Play the game and let’s find out what adventure awaits in each realm.


Knight Treasure


Let Control Be Your Least Worry

Knight Treasure online game is one of those free online games for PC that is very easy to play. Using your mouse or your keyboard you can move your character with ease. To jump, just press up and right arrow key simultaneously to attack an opponent, just hit on the space bar on your keyboard or use your mouse instead. There are also control buttons at the bottom of your screen and you can navigate with that. Aside from that, there are texts above the screen telling you what to do.  There are also signs giving you the advice to be careful.


Knight Treasure


Graphics and Sounds are Gloriously A-OK!

If you have played the famous game Super Mario Bros. or Shovel Knight, you will immediately notice the resemblance to the game, Knight Treasure. Fighting scenes happen underground beyond land like in classic dungeon crawlers. You will find your way in the dungeons of those kingdoms and collect the treasures from there. The graphics are very similar to the greatest 2D platformers as well as its upbeat and lively sounds Whenever you smash or hit something, there are also sound effects that are somewhat nostalgic, taking all the way back to the original Legend of Zelda. Do you think you can help the knight collect those treasures? Play Knight Treasure on PC now and prove us that nothing is impossible when it comes to love.

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