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About this Game

You can be a star chemist or alchemist when you go online and play Little Alchemy Game here on! Alchemy is a matter of transforming elements into something else. Here at Little Alchemy mini-game, you can become an expert in mixing chemicals and creating something new and fantastic!


Put your magical hands at work and figure out which chemicals are compatible with each other. Make a new component that you can use until you can create a world of potions, matter, mixes, and even living things with the help of the four basic elements of the world: earth, air, fire, and water.


With endless possibilities, you will surely be glued to your seat in front of the computer for hours trying to think of other elements you can create. Play now and see what you can do when you keep on trying!


Little Alchemy


Little Alchemy on PC Game Features:


Over 560 Elements to Create

When you play the Little Alchemy game online, you only start with a black sheet with four elements in a panel on the right side of your screen. You start off by mixing the four elements together to create a new matter and then start mixing all your creations together.
You play the role of a creator once you have figured out that you can create pressure when you put air and air together. Take note also that when you mix earth and fire, the outcome is a lava! Now that you have lava and pressure, you can finally create granite when you combine them together.


The possibilities are endless in Little Alchemy on PC! You have the basic elements to create a new world and as you keep on mixing your elements together, you can create more matter and elements that will add to your collection until you become a master alchemist. There are over 560 elements that you can create in this online mini-game! Can you imagine that?


Little Alchemy


Endless Selection of Mixing Components

Just because you have created a new element doesn’t mean you can already stop there. You can create more elements if you keep mixing the new ones that you have created to your previous creations and your basic elements. The matter of creation is endless! You can develop various chemicals in no time at all and no one will stop you!


Little Alchemy


Collecting Achievements by Mixing as Many Chemicals as Possible

This may be a pretty easy game to play but getting those achievements are harder said than done. Though you’re just simply mixing elements in this game, it’s a challenge to think of new mixtures with tons of elements to put together. Now that you’re getting the hang of the game, can you really get 50 elements? How about a hundred? How about going over 560 elements? It’s possible! But can you do it!
Little Alchemy


Ideal Game for Kids

If you don’t like your kids messing up your kitchen when they grab stuff to play with, let them have fun and compete with each other – in a friendly manner, of course! – as to who can make the most number of elements in a short period of time. Now, doesn’t that sound like a brilliant challenge?


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