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About this Game

Match the same-colored marbles to win the game! Match them by tapping the screen and by eliminating all of them. Make sure no marbles are left behind! Match 3 or more same-colored balls to eliminate them all! Not only that! Imagine how you would position these balls so you can have your own strategy when playing the game! Be strategic and look out for balls to tap out first. 


Take your time to think it through. Also, look carefully and take note of where these balls are located. When you keep that in mind, you will surely get it right and win the game! This game may seem like a piece of cake, but it is more than that! So take on the challenge of wit and fast thinking when you play the game online! 


Marble Smash Online Matching Game Features: 


Different Level of Difficulty 

The fun and excitement never end because this game has a lot more than what you expect! Imagine exploring four different levels of difficulty! We have Very Easy, Easy, Medium, and Hard. There are a hundred levels in each level of difficulty too. Imagine playing 400 levels of this game! This will surely take a lot of time but rest assured that there will be no dull and boring moments when you play the game! So, go ahead and play Marble Smash online now! You might be the next one to finish the 400-level game! 


Marble Smash


Make Sure That Similar Colors Remain in the Game 

The objective is very simple – tap out the same colored marbles so that no marble is left in the board. The only way to tap it is if they are three or more of the same colors. Anything less than three of the same colored ones will surely remain on the board. The players have to make a way to have all the same colored marbles clustered together to tap them all out. Create strategies and plan in doing so because this can be a little tricky as the game progresses.

Visualize the Game Board  

To get them all out of the game board, visualize how the game would go. Every time you plan on tapping out a certain color, make sure no same colored ball is left behind. If there are other same colored balls not included in the big cluster, you can either eliminate other colors first to get them all together, or you can tap the bigger cluster first. Just make sure that the remaining same colored balls are three or more in number so you can still tap them out later. Not thinking it through could lead you to losing or repeating the game. 


Marble Smash


Redo Levels 

Let’s admit it! Despite reading the tip above, you will still have those mistakes because you wanted to end the game fast and you probably missed out one ball that was left. Well, don’t worry! The game knows that even before you play it! The undo option is always open if you need a little fixing for your mistakes. Just be ready because this would penalize you with 2 coins for every undo option you use.  


Marble Smash



Practice your tapping and color perception with this game. Be committed to doing every level in the game. Practice your skill in earlier rounds which is relatively easier. This way you get to practice for higher levels and you also get strategies in tapping out same colored marbles faster. Not that it is of great importance to tap out the marbles faster, but it would be greater if you would so you can explore more of the game and the rest of the remaining levels. Good thing, there are a lot more than what you expect! So keep them fingers tapping!

Take Some Time Off 

Before playing the game, know that one of the powers of this game is to get you playing for a long time! It’s addicting! This tip is applicable for those playing the game for so long. If you think that’s you, then this tip is for you. Take some time off. Your eyes are your main tool in playing this game, especially in identifying the colors of the marbles. If you played it for too long, it could strain your eyes! Take some time to breathe and pause the game for a while. As much as we want you winning the game, we also don’t want permanent damage to your eyes. So, know your limits so you can enjoy the game more!  

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