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Metal Animals


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About this Game

The world is under attack by thousands of giant, strong, evil monsters!! Get into the battlefield to protect the world from these monsters! Play Metal Animals now!

Metal Animals is a one of a kind war game wherein you get to choose your own characters with their own respective specialties. Challenge and defeat evil monsters to keep the world from being destroyed! Use multiple upgrades to get stronger and better so you would be able to defeat these monsters faster and easier. Make sure you defeat all the monsters you face and survive as long as you can!

Controls are simple since all you have to do is use your mouse to drag and assign different characters on the tank for them to function and contribute to the battle. Moreover, you can also use the tank’s main gun to instantly kill monsters. Watch out and make sure that you maximize the placement of your characters. Assigning one to the tank leads to cooldown and it will take some time before it replenishes.

Are you ready to save the world with your mighty tank and strongest characters?

The survival of the world lies in your hand. So what are you waiting for? Ride your tank now and get onto the battlefield! Click & play Metal Animals online for free on PC!


Metal Animals


Metal Animals Game Features:

Want to see cute animals blasting monsters from the face of the Earth? Go ahead and play Metal Animals! Mixing the cuteness of the animal characters with the edge of an action game, Metal Animals will have everyone having fun while playing. It’s war games like these that make the saturated genre feel refreshing. To know the game’s features, just read on below:


Amazing Gameplay

The game presents an amazing gameplay. Multiple characters are present and there are so many options to choose from. Aside from that, a more immersive graphics and one of a kind sound were incorporated.  By doing so, you feel like you are part of the game while playing it. This is one of the game features that will leave you playing this game for hours and hours! So don’t miss the opportunity to play Metal Animals!


Metal Animals



Metal Animals added the options for upgrades to make you more addicted to the game. Earn coins in every adventure you take part in.  Similarly, beat those monsters in order for you to gain money to buy newer tanks that are stronger faster and better! Once you get to use stronger tanks clearing the wave of monsters will just be a breeze. You won’t even bother worrying too much about surviving the wave or getting yourself killed.


Metal Animals


Easy Controls

Metal Animals’ controls are very simple. All you need to do is just use your mouse to drag multiple characters on the tank or tap on the main gun to kill enemy monsters instantly. The secret to playing this game in order for you to succeed is timing. You have to time yourself well when to place your characters or what characters to place on the tank since they have their own respective functions. Characters have their own specialty. Some are used for you to regain your health. Some use machine gun while some use heavy bombs. Use them whenever necessary and appropriate in order to maximize their roles in your tank and for you to survive the wave of monsters.


Metal Animals


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