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Mini Putt Garden


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About this Game

Put your golf skills to the ultimate test in the fun game of Mini Putt Garden. In this free mini-game, you have to shoot the ball into the hole. However, this is not just simply a game where you mindlessly hit the ball in the hopes of making it go to the hole and winning the game. You have to strategically think of your aim and set your ball so that the direction of it will go towards the hole. Read more to learn how to play Mini Putt Garden and for some basic walkthrough and guide.


Mini Putt Garden


In the free Mini Putt Garden game for PC, you can choose between two themes where you will take the challenges for each level. You can control the game using your mouse. You can set the direction of the ball and the power when releasing it just by holding down the left click of your mouse.


Mini Putt Garden


Mini Putt Garden is a game that will let you relax and escape your stressful days. What was once a popular browser game has now been ported to the PC for everyone to enjoy. Not only you can play Mini Putt Garden anytime at the convenience of your home but you can also play it even without having to install anything. Gone are the days when you badly want to play this amazing mini-game but you cannot because you have to download and install something on your computer first. With the online Mini Putt Garden HTML5 game, you can have lots of hours of fun without worrying about anything other than getting that high score in the game.


Mini Putt Garden Game Features


18 Levels of Excitement


Mini Putt Garden


As mentioned, you can choose between two-themed gardens in Mini Putt Garden. The first one is the Morning Garden theme and the second one is the Water Park theme. Each of these garden themes has its own challenges. The total number of levels that you need to complete the game is 18. The first levels might be too easy for you. You might also find out that the obstacles can be forgiving especially if you are just starting out.


But, do not expect this to be the case when you get to the higher levels. There will be added degrees of difficulties once you get familiar with the mechanics of the game. You also have to note that Mini Putt Garden also uses the same mechanics and terminologies as with real-life golf. Golf players will have an easy time adjusting to the game. If you do not have prior knowledge of golf, do not be discouraged because the game is so easy to play and you just need to focus on putting the ball into the hole.


Collect Diamonds for Points


Mini Putt Garden


Hole in one. Bogey. Birdie. You may have stylishly put the ball into the hole, but all that is nothing when you don’t collect diamonds. Diamonds are another way of racking up points in the game. Try to collect the diamonds that are littered along the board as you make it to the hole. This way, you will get the maximum points that you can get in the level.


Play Mini Putt Garden today and start showing off your golf skills.

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